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  • Upto 50MPH!! Upto 50MPH!!
  • Beginner to Advanced Beginner to Advanced
  • Beginner to Advanced Beginner to Advanced
  • 50 MPH+ 50 MPH+
  • Thousands of Parts Thousands of Parts
  • 31861 Mission Trail, 92530 31861 Mission Trail, 92530
  • Race kits Race kits
  • 50mph + 50mph +
  • BLH7800_b0 BLH7800_b0
  • Water Proof Water Proof
  • GPS Video Quads GPS Video Quads


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  • Traxxas  Spartan Traxxas Spartan
  • RX8 Gen2 RX8 Gen2
  • Helimax w/Video Cam Helimax w/Video Cam 1SQ V-Cam Quadcopter RTF
  • Tekno 410 sct kit Tekno 410 sct kit
  • 350QX RTF 350QX RTF
  • 180 QX HD RTF 180 QX HD RTF
  • 1080i HD CAMERA 1080i HD CAMERA


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Associated TraxxasLosi HPI • Thunder Tiger • ElectrixCastle CreationsTekinSpectrum

Call with any questions: (951)  245-8800

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 R/C Tracks


Pegasus Hobbies Montclair Off Road
Revelation Raceway
Ontario Off Road
DHW Raceway San Diego On Road
San Diego RC Raceway San Diego Off Road
Chula Vista RC Racing Club (CVRC) Chula Vista Off Road
Thunder Alley R/C Raceway Beaumont Off Road
HobbyTown USA (Palm Desert) Palm Desert Off Road
Palm Desert R/C Raceway Palm Desert Off Road
Big Bear Lake R/C Club Raceway Big Bear Lake Off Road
Green Flag RC Raceway Hesperia Off Road
Inland Empire RC Raceway (IERC) San Bernardino Off Road
SoCal MHRA San Bernardino Dragstrip

Call with any questions: (951)  245-8800


67 Responses to Welcome to Mike’s Hobby! (951) 245-8800

  1. Jeremy Martin says:

    Hi I have a traxxas slash and it won’t run I have charged the battery should I bring it in and have you look at it and what are your store hours

  2. Ivan says:

    I have a Traxxas Nitro Slash . Should I install an in-line fuel filter as a precaution?

  3. James Klobetanz says:

    Do you have a steering servo for Baja 5b stock one nothing fancy

  4. Ivan says:

    Hi. I just purchased a Traxxas Nitro Slash 2WD SC Truck RTR Silver/Black #21… Around $330 ish. Good deal? Im a novice in this game. What do you recommend I do first when my item arrives?

  5. Arthur Dodrill says:

    Do you know factory setting for low speed needle on a evolution 120nx, how many turns out from all the way in?

  6. Wayne says:

    Do you stock the RC4WD Dick Cepek DC-2 1.9″ wheels? If so do you also have singles of that wheel (Part Number Z-Q0032)?

  7. rc says:

    do u have any pullstarts for 1/10 nitro rc?

  8. james says:

    Hey I was curious, do you guys have any monster gt wheels in stock

  9. Chris Karns says:

    Do you diagnose & repair Exceedrc trucks. I have two that turn on and steering works but neither go ?? Some one told me they need to be synced to controllers. They both worked great then suddenly just quit working. I am totally glue less honestly. Bought them for Christmas presents for my boys and they are totally bummed.
    They are not under warranty. I live in San Clemente and would like to bring them to you and leave them if necessary.
    949 498 6789

    • Mike Shores says:

      We do repairs, but not on Exceed (no local support for them). Call the place you purchased them from and ask them to troubleshoot you over the phone. Sounds like you need to re-bind the radio to the receiver.

      • Chris Karns says:

        Mike, I dont know how yo rebind them….. I bought them online and it is a complete nightmare to deal with them. After it happened they sent me a part after major time on the phone, on hold and I put it in and nothing changed. Why is it so hard to find a local store that knows RC’s willing to diagnose the problem, fix the problem & or order parts to fix the problem ?? I know nothing about these things and need someone that does to help me.

        • Mike Shores says:

          I would return those or sell them and get Traxxas R/C trucks. They are the most popular and have the most local support.

          • Chris Karns says:

            Oh thanks that was helpful…………NOT !!!!!!!

          • Chris Karns says:

            See you deleted my reply…..
            If you could maybe suggest or see if someone that has tech experience can help me rebind them or sink to controller please.

          • Mike Shores says:

            I don’t know anyone who will work on those. The only solution I have for you is to get you a new radio system which I have in the store (if that’s the problem?). Unfortunately you will have problems every time something breaks.

            ALL the vehicles I sell have manufacture warranties for at least 60-90 days and lifetime support from my store and the manufacturer.
            Send them back and get different trucks or have them fix them.

  10. alex says:

    i bought a ram light system for my truck but when i hook it up to a 9v battery. it works and all but in 30seconds it dies out and id try it on 3 new differnet 9v battery and still does that. can i have a refund…(i bought it on sunday 12/29/13)..

  11. Chris says:

    Do you carry any Align parts? I am looking for a swashplate leveler for a 450 class heli.

  12. Alejandro says:

    Hi! I bought from you a exc torment and I like to know if I can do a trade and put in money for a rc nitro truck. If not can I sell it to you.its all stock there’s some a few straches on the body.

  13. kevin elvey says:

    jest wondering if you were hiring full time or part time love r/c a hpi 5sc with to much hot ups to list an sc8 / ofna mbx lx good with nitro and 2stroks love the smell of racing castor in the morning . gest moved to lake Elsinore. off ardenwood way thank you .

  14. nick says:

    I’m having a hard time tuning my sc8, do you tune nitro engines?

    If you do how much do you charge for a tune up?


  15. Ryan says:

    Hey mike, do you think u can order me a rubber boot(dust boot) for my xtm mammoth”s carb

  16. alejandro says:

    what the lowest cost on a nitro rc truck and the starter kit?

  17. Ryan says:

    I have a 24.7 (i think) nitro motor, shocks,remote and servos that id like to use. Whats a great KIT buggy (not truggy) to buy from you?

  18. Cole H. says:

    Hey can you order a Team Magic E4D drift car at your store? Would like to purchase it thru you if i can.

    • Mike Shores says:

      Not available yet? :(

      • Cole H. says:

        Im pretty sure they are I can order them off websites for delivery tomorrow. I just would rather give you the buisiness

        • Mike Shores says:

          Thanks for wanting to get here, but Great Planes and Horizon (my suppliers) do not have ANY parts available for that car. You might have a problem getting ANY replacement parts for them locally(?). I don’t know if the other stores south of me have any parts either, you might want to call and check. Thanks again,

  19. newbie says:

    what stering servo would you recomed for my jammin scrt12 4×4 nitro

  20. Kim Karzin says:

    Do you do RC Heli repair and or fine tuning? I have a Esky Honey Bee King 4 that I have crashed a few times, I have replaced most of the main components, but I’m new to the hobby and I have done all I could and the heli still needs a fine tuning.

  21. Rick A says:

    Mike, you said a new track coming in Corona, Its called I-15 Corona Race Track. 1/8 and 1/5 scale, south of Dos Lagos on Temescal Rd. You can see it on the HPI Baja forum.
    I think you might be the closest Full stocked Hobby store to the track. Maybe a sign down there will bring em in?
    RC Tech forum too. California Tracks

  22. Dakota says:

    Do you have the whole steering setup for the traxxas spartan.The rudder and everything that connects to the boat.

  23. Dakota says:

    Hi sorry i mean 10% fuel

  24. Dakota says:

    hi i was wondering if you had the transmission and the chassis for a erevo and how much would they be if you have them.

  25. john meyers says:

    I have a spiral mid shift chamber combo mark 1000 type 2 on my boarhead nitro speedster that needs replaced and nobody i mean nobody can find it. Do you have them in stock or can you order then.

    Thanks, Chris.

  26. king says:

    hey mike i have a jammin scrt10 nitro 4×4 anx the twi front tires and hard head or whatever there called keep falling of

    • Mike Shores says:

      If the wheel nuts are coming loose, you should use removable loctite to hold them on. Are the wheels coming off or the tires? Look at your parts schematic to see what the parts are called. What do you mean “hard head)?

  27. Dakota says:

    Hi I was wondering if you had a Traxxas Tmaxx 2.5 glow plug and also an 18 tooth pinion gear for an Emaxx

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