Surface Radios

DX3R Pro



SPM2322 DX2E 2-Channel DSMR Surface Radio System $59.99
SPM3300 DX3C DSM 3-Channel Surface Radio $99.99
SPM4000C DX4S 4-Channel DSMR Radio w/ 2 SR410 $0.00
SPM4010 DX4S DSMR 4-Channel AVC Radio w/SRS4210 & SR410 $249.99
SPM4100 DX4R Pro 4CH DSMR Racing System $329.99
SPM4210 DX4C DSMR 4-Channel AVC Radio w/ SRS4210 $139.99
SPM6705 Spektrum Transmitter Case Foam Surface $19.99
SPM6713 Spektrum Aluminum Surface Transmitter Case $49.99
SPM6714 Spektrum Tx Case Foam Surface $0.00
SPMMR200 MR200 Marine 2.4GHz 2-Ch Sport Receiver $49.99
SPMMR3000 MR3000 Marine 2.4GHz 3-Channel Receiver $79.99
SPMR2200 DX2M 2Ch DSM Stick Surface Tx Only $69.99
SPMR2400 DX2L DSM 2-Channel Surface Tx Only $79.99
SPMSR200WP SR200WP 2-Ch DSM Sport Receiver Waterproof $39.99
SPMSR201 SR201 2-Ch DSM Sport Surface Rx – Coated $29.99
SPMSR300WP SR300WP 3-Ch DSM Sport Receiver Waterproof $49.99
SPMSR301 SR301 3-Ch DSM Sport Surface Rx – Coated $44.99
SPMSR3100 SR3100 DSM2 3-Ch Receiver: Surface $69.99
SPMSR3300T SR3300T DSM 3-Ch Rx w/Telemetry: Surface $99.99
SPMSR3520 SR3520 DSM2 3-Channel Micro Race Receiver $89.99
SPMSR410 SR410 4-Channel DSMR Sport Surface Receiver $59.99
SPMSRS4210 SRS4210 DSMR AVC Surface Rx $99.99
SPMSS3070 S3070 Digital Sub-micro Surface Servo – Torque $27.99
SPMSS6020 S6020 Digital Surface Servo – Torque $37.99
SPMSS6030 S6030 Digital Surface Servo – High-Torque $72.99
SPMSS6040 S6040 Digital Surface Servo – High-Speed $69.99
SPMSS6070 S6070 Digital Surface Servo – Low-Profile $59.99
SPMSS6090 S6090 High Voltage Surface Servo – Speed $109.99
SPMSS6100 S6100 High Voltage Surface Servo – Torque $109.99
SPMSS6170 S6170 Standard Digital Surface Servo $19.99
SPMSS6180 S6180 Digital Surface Servo $28.99
SPMSS9010 S9010 1/5 Scale Digital HV Surface Servo(Throttle) $199.99
SPMSS9020 S9020 1/5 Scale Digital HV Surface Servo(Steering) $199.99

Air Radios



SR300 3-Channel DSM Sport Surface Receiver

SR3001 DSM 3-Channel Pro Series Receiver

SR3500 DSM 3-Channel Micro Racing Receiver

SR3300T DSM 3-Channel Receiver with Telemetry Integrated

SR3100 DSM2 3-Channel Surface Receiver

SR3520 DSM2 3-Channel Micro Racing Receiver

MR200 Marine 2.4GHz 2–Channel Sport Receiver

MR3000 Marine 2.4GHz 3–Channel Receiver

AR6300 6-Ch. DSM2 Nanolite

AR6400 6-Ch DSM2. Receiver/ESC (SPMAR6400) *$59.99

AR6400L 6-Ch. DSM2 Receiver/ESC Long Throw

AR6400T 6-Ch. Short Range Micro Receiver with Dual Brushed ESCs (or 4-Ch. plus X-Port)


AR6400LBL 6-Ch. DSM2 Receiver/BL ESC Long Throw

AR6115 6-Ch. DSMX Microlite

AR6115E 6-Ch. DSMX MicroLite End Pin

AR600 6-Ch. DSMX Sport

AR6210 6-Ch. DSMX

AR7010 7-Ch. DSMX

AR7110 7-Ch. DSMX Heli

AR7610 7-Ch. DSMX Hi Speed

AR8000 8-Channel DSMX

AR9010 9-Channel DSMX

AR10000 10-Ch. DSMX

AR12010 12-Ch. DSMX

AR12200 12-Ch. DSMX Cockpit Receiver (SPMAR12200) *$639.99

AR6255 6-Ch. DSMX Carbon Fuse

AR9310 9-Ch. DSMX Carbon Fuse

AR9110 9-CH DSMX PowerSafe RX

AR9210 9CH DSMX Powersafe Evolution

AR12110 12-CH DSMX PowerSafe RX

SPM9645 DSMX Remote

SPM9646 DSMX Carbon Fuse Remote

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