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Lucas Oil Catamaran

Brushless FE Catamaran

Lucas Oil
With its authentic Lucas Oil trim scheme, this brushless beauty stands out from all the other offshore racers. A water-cooled motor and 60A controller deliver blazing speeds that complement the high-performance GrimRacer™ 2535 Hydro/Cat hardware package. If you’re all about convenience, there’s a ready-to-run Lucas Oil catamaran that comes with a dependable 2.4GHz radio system — or you can opt for the Receiver-Ready version that’s designed to accept your radio of choice.

GP-1 Ultra

Brushless Mini Hydroplane

GP-1 Ultra
As the first AquaCraft mini hydroplane model that’s both brushless AND LiPo-ready, the GP-1 Ultra one-ups the compact racing boat competition! You’ll enjoy super-fast speeds and responsive handling, on lakes and ponds of all sizes. Power is provided by a water-cooled 6-pole inrunner brushless marine motor; the RTR’s Tactic SLT radio offers confident control. A unique “break-away” rudder system swings back upon underwater impact to prevent hull damage. The GP-1 Ultra comes factory-finished, so you can be out on the water in no time, with your choice of ready-to-run (RTR) and Receiver-Ready (Rx-R™) versions.

Revolt 30

Brushless FE Mono

Revolt 30
It looks fast — even when it’s on display! The Revolt 30 has a sleek, mono hull design that slices through the water, a brushless power system that puts you out in front, and lots of genuine high-performance GrimRacer parts. Choose between the Performance-Ready 2.4GHz version and one that’s ready to accept your choice of transmitter and receiver — both available in 4 hot trim schemes!


Brushless Offshore Catamaran 2.4GHz

Wildcat EP
This isn’t your typical catamaran. For proof, just let the Wildcat EP loose and watch it fly!


Ready-To-Run Brushless 2.4GHz Boat

The Minimono represents a new breed of boat: a mini-sized model equipped with a brushless motor and an ESC that can use a LiPo battery!

Motley Crew

Ready-To-Run Brushless FE Catamaran

Motley Crew
Right down to the licensed trim scheme, AquaCraft’s Motley Crew Fast Electric Catamaran captures the exciting style of Ron & Scott Roman’s world champion offshore racer. All the latest performance perks are here — including a brushless power system and 2.4GHz radio — for dominating the competition at the highest levels. But the Motley Crew is also easy enough for sport modelers to enjoy!

Vela One Meter Sailboat

Ready-To-Run Sailboat

Vela One Meter Sailboat
While the Vela One Meter sailboat is easy enough for beginners, it also boasts cutting-edge materials and performance features that make it a worthy competitor.

Mini Alligator Tours

Ready-To-Run Electric Airboat

Mini Alligator Tours
Learning to drive a full-size airboat can take months. But with the Mini Alligator Tours Airboat, getting comfortable behind the wheel takes just a few minutes.

Top Speed 3

Almost Ready-To-Run .21 Tunnel Hull

Top Speed 3
Knowledge gained from three successful seasons of race-testing inspired the refinements found in this latest generation of the AquaCraft Top Speed. The result is a .21-size tunnel hull whose superior handling and impressive speed have already earned World Championship titles.

SuperVee 27R

Ready-To-Run Brushless Offshore Superboat

SuperVee 27R
It’s the complete package in a ready-to-run offshore racer! A 6-pole, 1800kV brushless motor pushes the SuperVee 27R to exhilarating speeds, while a Tactic™ 2.4GHz radio system delivers precise, interference-free control. Another bonus of this boat is the included “GrimRacer” hardware that boosts performance, handling and durability. With all this and a super-sleek design this SuperVee is a worthy FE class competitor!

Pro Boat

Welcome race fans.Pro Boat performance powerboats offer an adrenaline rush like nothing else you’ve experienced. We painstakingly built each boat from the ground up to do one thing: perform. From the entry-level Shockwave 26 brushed model to the fully licensed Miss Geico catamaran to the race-ready Impulse 31, our models are all about speed, power, agility and fun.

Miss GEICO 29-inch Brushless RTR Catamaran

Impulse 31™ 31-inch Brushless RTR Deep-V

Blackjack™ 29 29-inch Brushless RTR Catamaran

Impulse™ 17 17-inch Brushed RTR Deep-V

ShockWave® 26 BL 26-inch Brushless RTR Deep-V

Miss GEICO 1717-inch RTR Catamaran

Miss GEICO 2424-inch RTR Catamaran

Blackjack™ 99-inch Brushed RTR Catamaran

Impulse™ 99-inch Brushed RTR Deep-V

Have a heart for adventure and breathtaking scale details? You’re in the right place.Our sailboats and scale replicas are used to being gawked over. From the intricate detail of the Volere’s mahogany-layered hull to the Westward sailboat’s realistic look, authenticity is paramount in every model. Our boats are perfect for your mantle or a relaxing day on the lake. But don’t let the beautiful details fool you, these models perform just like their full-scale counterparts.

Ragazza™1-Meter Ready-to-Run Sail Boat

Volere 22-inch Ready-to-Run Scale Boat

Westward™ 18-inch Ready-to-Run Sailboat

Retrieval Decoy 26-inch Ready-to-Run Deep-V




PRB0400 Impulse 17 2.4 Deep-V RTR
PRB0500 Miss GEICO 24 RTR
PRB0650 ShockWave 26 V3 BL RTR
PRB3350 Westward 18 Sailboat RTR
PRB3650B Retrieval Decoy 2.4 RTR V2
PRB4100B Miss GEICO 29 BL Cat 2.4 RTR V2
PRB4150 Blackjack 29 BL RTR
PRB4250B Impulse 31 Deep-V BL RTR V2
PRB4273 Trim Tab & Fin Set: IM31
TRA38104 Blast Race Boat, RTR w/TQ 2.4 Rx
TRA5707 Spartan VXL BL Boat w/TQi 2.4 Radio
TRA5707T1 Spartan VXL BL Boat with 2.4 TQi Radio: Red
TRA5707T2 Spartan VXL BL Boat with 2.4 TQi Radio: Blue





















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