E2019 MBX7TR 1/8 Nitro Truggy


This is the Glow Powered, Radio Controlled, 1/8 scale
MBX7TR Truggy Kit from Mugen.

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            This is the Glow Powered, Radio Controlled, 1/8 scale              
                       MBX7TR Truggy Kit from Mugen.                           
FEATURES: Chassis: 0.12" (3mm) thick A7075 aluminum, hard anodized,            
            increased side bends for greater durability                        
          Drive: Four wheel shaft with new front and rear universal style      
            driveshafts for better feel on bumpy surfaces                      
          Transmission: Two speed, adjustable                                  
          Differentials: Oil-filled bevel gear                                 
          Shocks: Oil-filled 16mm diameter with 1.4mm springs that reduces     
            chassis roll, increases traction, improves jumping and adds        
          Shock Towers: 0.157" (4mm) thick A7075 aluminum                      
          Suspension: 0.196" (5mm) A7075 aluminum lower suspension mounts for  
            optimized geometry, front and rear steel sway bars                 
          Fuel Tank: 5.07oz (150cc)                                            
          Clutch: 13 tooth steel with three heavy duty aluminum shoes          
          Brake: Dual disc                                                     
          Bumper: Front foam                                                   
          Camber Tie Rods: Adjustable, Camber describes the angle at which the 
            tires sit vertically                                               
          Body: Cab forward style, clear with black plastic rear wing          
          Steering Tie Rods: Adjustable, Caster/Toe-in is the angle at which   
            the tires point inward as viewed from above                        
          Ackermann: Adjustable, Ackermann refers to the inner front wheel     
            rotating faster than the outer front wheel during turns            
INCLUDES: MBX7TR Truggy Kit, Clear Body, Rear Wing, Decals                     
            Diff Oil, Air Filter and Instruction Manual                        
REQUIRES: Radio: 2-channel with high-torque steering servo                     
          Engine: .21-.28 cu in                                                
          Fuel, Glow Starter and Building and Track equipment                  
          Receiver Battery: 4.8-7.4V flat or hump NiMH or 1600-2100 LiPo pack  
SPECS:      Vehicle;                                                           
          Width: 16.2" (413mm)                                                 
          Weight: 7.9lbs (3600g)                                               
          Wheelbase: 14.7 - 14.9" (373-378mm)                                  
          Gear Ratio: 16.28:1                                                  
          Length: 17.6" (447mm)                                                
          Width:   7.8" (198mm)                                                
          Height:  5.5" (113mm)                                                
COMMENTS: For Replacement Ball Bearings use:                                   
            Qty.  Size      Location                  Qty.  Bearing Set        
             2  8x16mm     Front Diff                  1     DTXC1585          
             2  8x16mm     Center Diff                 1     DTXC1585          
             2  8x16mm     Rear Diff                   1     DTXC1585          
             2  8x16mm     Front Gearbox               1     DTXC1585          
             2  8x16mm     Rear Gearbox                1     DTXC1585          
             4  8x16mm     Front Uprights              2     DTXC1585          
             4  8x16mm     Rear Uprights               2     DTXC1585          
             4  6x10mm     Steering                    2     DTXC1561          
             2  5x10mm     Clutch                      1     DTXC1535          
BOX DIMENSIONS:   10.88" W. X   6.38" H. X  19.50" L.
BOX WEIGHT:    8.28 LBS.

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Weight 8.28 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 20 x 10 in


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