Charge Lead Banana Plugs/HMX Micro Plug


This is the Great Planes Charge Lead                        
with Banana Plugs and Helimax Micro Plug.

3 in stock (can be backordered)


 **The batteries used in the Helimax Axe 100 CP and 1SQ are wired opposite**   
                   **from the Novus series batteries.**                        
      **This charge lead can be used with the 100 CP and 1SQ batteries**       
   **by plugging the banana plugs into the opposite jacks in the charger-**    
                    **red to black and black to red.**                         
FEATURES: Charges a battery with the Helimax Micro Plug                        
          Used on the HeliMax Novus series helicopters                         
INCLUDES: One Great Planes Charge Lead w/Banana Plugs & Helimax Micro Plug     
REQUIRES: Connecting between battery and charger                               
SPECS:    Connector #1: Banana Plugs                                           
          Connector #2: Helimax Micro Plug                                     
          Wire: 24AWG 130mm (5.1") long


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