ARAD83** Senton 6S 4WD Short Course 1/10 BLX


This is the 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Brushless Powered             
      1/10 scale Ready to Run Senton 6S BLX Short Course Truck from Arrma

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            This is the 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Brushless Powered             
      1/10 scale Ready to Run Senton 6S BLX Short Course Truck from Arrma.     
                    For Modelers 14 Years of Age and Older.                    
FEATURES: Chassis: 0.12" (3mm) thick aluminum, with side impact bumpers        
          Drive: Four wheel with CVD driveshafts                               
          Radio: Tactic TTX300 3-channel with user programmable 3rd channel,   
            steering rate adjustment, steering and throttle trim & end point   
            adjustments, 3-channel TR326 high voltage (7.4V) micro receiver    
            with failsafe, 70/30 throttle setting                              
          Steering Servo: ADS-15M metal geared with 208 oz/in torque,          
            .12 sec @ 60° transit speed                                        
          Motor: 2050kV brushless                                              
          ESC: Arrma BLX185 150A                                               
          Shocks: Aluminum body, oil filled, big bore                          
          Shock Towers: 0.20" (5mm) thick aluminum                             
          Suspension: Reinforced hangers with inboard hinge pins that are less 
            likely to pop out                                                  
          Body: Trimmed and painted                                            
          Motor Mount: Aluminum                                                
          Gearboxes: Fully sealed                                              
          Tires: dboots Sidewinder 2, 1.7" (44mm) wide, 4.2" (108mm) diameter  
            2.2"/3" mounting bead                                              
          Wheels: Plastic construction, black in color, 2.2" (56mm) outer      
            diameter, 1.6" (41.5mm) wide, 17mm hex                             
          Pinion Gear: Steel construction 12T Mod 1                            
          Camber: Adjustable front and rear, camber refers to the angle of the 
            tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind   
          Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front   
            suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to     
            the chassis                                                        
          Warranty: Two year limited warranty beginning at date of purchase    
INCLUDES: RTR Senton 6S BLX Short Course Truck with 2.4GHz Radio, Brushless    
            Motor, ESC, Painted Body, Instruction Manual                       
REQUIRES: AA Batteries: Four for transmitter                                   
          LiPo Battery: Two 2-3S 5000mAh 35C minimum LiPo with XT90            
            connector, Duratrax 11.1V 5000mAh 35C batteries (DTXC1969)         
            recommended, or one 4-6S LiPo battery                              
          Battery Charger: To match selected battery                           
          LiPo charging sack, building & track equipment                       
SPECS:      Vehicle-                                                           
          Length: 22" (560mm)                                                  
          Width: 11.6" (295mm)                                                 
          Height: 7.67" (195mm)                                                
          Wheelbase: 12.5-12.67" (318-322mm)                                   
          Weight: 127oz (3.6kg)                                                
          Final Gear Ratio: 11.79                                              
          Pinion and Spur Gear Pitsh: 1M                                       
          Maximum Battery Dimensions: 6.2 x 2.0 x 1.8" (158 x 51 x 46mm)       
          Length:  21.7" (552mm)                                               
          Width:    9.5" (242mm) behind front wheels, narrowest point          
                   12.4" (315mm) at rear wheels, widest point                  
          Height    5.5" (140mm)                                               
COMMENTS: For replacement ball bearings use:                                   
            Qty.  Size      Location        Qty.      Bearing Set              
             2   15x21mm  Fr Uprights        1         ARAC3162                
             2   8x16mm   Fr Uprights        1         ARAC3156                
             2   15x21mm  Rear Uprights      1         ARAC3162                
             2   8x16mm   Rear Uprights      1         ARAC3156                
             1   8x19mm   Fr Input Gear      1         ARAC3159                
             1   8x19mm   Ctr Input Gear     1         ARAC3159                
             1   8x16mm   Fr Diff            1         ARAC3156                
             1   8x16mm   Rear Diff          1         ARAC3156                
             1   5x11mm   Rear Gearbox       1         ARAC3150                
                                                                   jam 11/03/15
BOX DIMENSIONS:   12.88" W. X   9.75" H. X  28.63" L.
BOX WEIGHT:   13.63 LBS.


This is the 1/8 scale RTR Senton 6S BLX Short Course Truck from Arrma. FEATURES: 2050kV brushless motor, 180A waterproof ESC w/fan, aluminum shock towers, 16mm oil-filled aluminum body shocks, metal gear diffs, adjustable battery tray, tough composite suspension arms, painted & trimmed body REQUIRES: LiPo battery, charger, charging bag, track & maintenance equip.

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