After Run Engine Oil 2 Fl Oz


This is the 2 fl oz bottle of Great Planes After Run Engine Oil.

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**IMPORTANT-the instructions on the bottle say to pour oil into**
**carburetor, this is incorrect. NEVER pour after run oil**
**into carburetor as this will cause O-rings to deteriorate.**
**Pour into exhaust port or glow plug hole only.**

FEATURES: Helps keep 2 and 4 stroke glow engines running in top condition
Protects bearings and internal parts from corrosion
Helps prevent gum and varnish build-up
New clear formula won’t stain clothes, tools, or field box
Convenient 2fl oz (59 ml) bottle
Pour into exhaust port or glow plug hole after each running

INCLUDES: One 2 fl oz (59ml) bottle of After Run Engine Oil

COMMENTS: Pour enough oil into exhaust port or glow plug hole to thoroughly
coat all internal components except those in carburetor.

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