80935 RC8B3.1 Team Kit


   **Additional Technical Info Will Be Added When It Becomes Available.**      
         This is the Radio Controlled, Glow Powered, 1/8 Scale                 
               RC8B3.1 Team Buggy Kit from Team Associated.

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   **Additional Technical Info Will Be Added When It Becomes Available.**      
         This is the Radio Controlled, Glow Powered, 1/8 Scale                 
               RC8B3.1 Team Buggy Kit from Team Associated.                    
              New features that differ from the RC8B include;                  
                         **New 4-Shoe Clutch**                                 
              **H.T.C. (High Torque Capacity) differentials**                  
         **Revised Suspension Arm Pivots for more ground clearance**           
        **Anti-roll linkage curves altered for more chassis support**          
                          **New shock springs**                                
                       **Pro-Line Predator Body**                              
FEATURES: Chassis: 7075-T6 aluminum, 0.12" (3mm) thick                         
          Drive: Four wheel with front and rear 3.7" (94mm) CVA drive shafts   
          Differentials: H.T.C (High Torque Capacity) with increased fluid     
            capacity, and a more consistent feel                               
          Gearboxes: 3.38:1 internal ratio with easy access to differentials   
          Shocks: 16mm Big Bore hard anodized aluminum, 0.14" (3.5mm) diameter 
            TiN coated alloy shock shafts, silicone shock oil, bleeder style   
            caps, new 0.79" (20mm) inner diameter springs                      
          Shock Towers: 7075-T6 aluminum                                       
          Suspension: Pillow ball front uprights for increased adjustability   
            and improved durability, refined geometry with hinge pin inserts   
            for easy roll center adjustments                                   
          Body: Pro-Line Predator clear body with black plastic wing           
          Radio Tray: Carbon fiber with sealed receiver box                    
          Clutch: 4-shoe                                                       
          Brake: Bonded pads and machined steel rotors                         
          Fuel Tank: Molded plastic construction with splash guard             
          Ball Bearings: Factory Team rubber sealed                            
          Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front   
            suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the 
            chassis, caster blocks adjust 14, 16, or 18 degrees with molded    
          Camber: Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the    
            tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle       
INCLUDES: RC8B3.1 Team Buggy Kit with Clear Body, Fuel Tank, Shocks, Decals and
            Shock Oil, Diff Oil, Air Filter and Instruction Manual             
REQUIRES: Radio: 2-channel with high torque steering servo                     
          Engine: .21 cu in rear exhaust                                       
          Exhaust System:                                                      
          Receiver Pack: 4.8 - 7.4V flat, LiPo, LiFe or NiMH                   
          Wheels: 1/8 scale buggy                                              
          Tires: 1/8 scale buggy                                               
          Fuel: Model car blend, 30% nitro recommended                         
          Glow starter, fuel bottle, starter box, tools and track equipment    
SPECS:      Vehicle;                                                           
          Length: 19.2" (488mm)                                                
          Width and weight vary with engine, exhaust, wheels and tires used in 
            the finished kit                                                   
          Wheelbase: 12.89" (327.5mm)                                          
          Internal Gear Ratio: 3.38:1                                          
COMMENTS: For Replacement Ball Bearings use:                                   
            Qty.  Size      Location       Qty.       Stock Number             
             2  8x16x5mm   Fr Diff          1           DTXC1585               
             2  8x16x5mm   Ctr. Diff        1           DTXC1585               
             2  8x16x5mm   Rear Diff        1           DTXC1585               
             4  6x10x3mm   Steering         2           DTXC1561               
             4  5x8x2.5mm  Steering         2           DTXC1523               
             2  6x12x4mm   Fr Gearbox       1           DTXC1569               
             2  6x12x4mm   Fr Gearbox       1           DTXC1569               
             4  8x16x5mm Flanged Fr Uprights 1          ASCC1565               
             4  8x16x5mm Flanged R Uprights  1          ASCC1565               
             2  5x10x4mm   Clutch           1           DTXC1535               
                                                                   jxs 03/27/17


This is the Glow Powered Associated Factory Team RC8B3.1 Off-Road Buggy kit. FEATURES: Big Bore shocks oil-filled shocks, ProLine clear body, carbon fiber radio tray, machined steel brake rotors, CVA driveshafts, HTC diffs REQUIRES: .21 rear exhaust engine 2-ch radio, servos, glow starter, starter box RX battery pack, muffler, tires, wheels, building & track equipment

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Dimensions 24 x 17 x 12 in


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