7061X Shocks GTR Hard Anodized (4)

$55.00 price_excluding_tax

These are the GTR Hard Anodized Coated 
Shocks from Traxxas.

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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FEATURES: Fully assembled                                                      
          Hard anodized                                                        
          Titanium shock shafts                                                
INCLUDES: Two Front Shocks                                                     
          Two Rear Shocks                                                      
          One Bottle of 40wt Silicone Shock Oil                                
          Instruction sheet                                                    
REQUIRES: Shock Springs                                                        
SPECS:    Length Fully Compressed (center hole to center hole): 39mm (1.5")    
          Length Fully Extended (center hole to center hole): 47mm (1.9")
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