116155 D216 2WD Buggy Kit


This is the Radio Controlled. Electric Powered, 1/10 scale
2WD D216 Buggy Kit from Hot Bodies.

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          This is the Radio Controlled. Electric Powered, 1/10 scale           
                      2WD D216 Buggy Kit from Hot Bodies.                      
FEATURES: Chassis: Carbon fiber 0.12" (3mm) thick                              
          Drive: Rear wheel                                                    
          Transmission: Single speed, 3-gear                                   
          Differential: Rear sealed and tunable                                
          Suspension: Innovative suspension arm/aluminum hinge boss design     
          Shocks: Oil filled 12mm Big Bore V2 with aluminum shock caps and     
            shock bellow bladder                                               
          Shock Towers: 0.16" (4mm) thick carbon fiber, with triangulated      
            composite shock tower mounts for increased strength                
          Battery Orientation: Multiple position                               
          Body: D 216 buggy body, multiple wing height mounting positions      
          Wheels: Dish type 2.2" (56mm) diameter, front 0.94" (24mm) wide,     
            rear 1.5" (38mm) wide, white in color                              
          Steering: Bell crank type with full ball bearings, adjustable        
            steering servo mount                                               
          Caster: Adjustable 2-pc blocks, caster/toe-in refers to the          
            angle of the front suspension when viewed from the side of the car 
          Camber: Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the    
            tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle       
          Warranty Period: Two year limited, valid only in the US, Canada and  
            South America                                                      
          Spur Gear: 78 tooth 48 pitch                                         
INCLUDES: D216 Buggy Kit with Body, Shocks, Wheels, Ball Bearings, 78T Spur    
            Gear, Decal Sheet, Instructions, #1000 bottle of Silicone Diff Oil,
            #500 bottle of Shock Oil                                           
REQUIRES: Radio: 2-channel with high-torque steering servo                     
          Motor: Brushless recommended, 540 size                               
          ESC: To match selected motor                                         
          Pinion Gear: 48P, number of teeth to match selected motor and track  
          Battery: 2S shorty LiPo pack recommended                             
          Tires: 1/10 scale buggy                                              
          Transmitter Batteries, Building and Track Equipment                  
SPECS:      Vehicle-                                                           
          Length: 15.7" (398mm)                                                
          Width:   9.8" (250mm)                                                
          Height:  5.3" (135mm)                                                
          Length: 10"   (254mm)                                                
          Width:   4.75" (121mm)                                               
          Height:  2.8" (72mm)                                                 
COMMENTS: For Replacement Ball Bearings use:                                   
            Qty.  Size       Location              Qty.    Bearing Set         
             2   8x14mm    Differential             1       DTXC1583           
             2   5x11mm      Gearbox                1       DTXC1547           
             2   5x10mm      Gearbox                1       DTXC1535           
             4   5x10mm      Steering               2       DTXC1535           
             2   10x15mm   Rear Hubs                1       DTXC1595           
             2   5x11mm     Rear Hubs               1       DTXC1547           
             4   5x10mm    Front Hubs               2       DTXC1535           
BOX DIMENSIONS:    8.00" W. X   4.75" H. X  14.13" L.
BOX WEIGHT:    3.53 LBS.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 9 in


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