108382 1/10 R10 Nitro Touring Car Kit


   This is the Hot Bodies Glow Powered, Radio Controlled 1/10 scale        
                           HB R10 Touring Car Kit.

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FEATURES: Chassis: CNC machined aircraft aluminum with woven graphite upper    
            deck and radio tray with separate upper and lower bulkheads        
            for quick diff changes and belt tension adjustment                 
          Drive: Four wheel belt drive with front and rear universal           
            driveshafts, drivetrain equipped with lightweight hardened aluminum
            pulleys for low friction, decreased rotating mass and long life    
          Transmission: 2-speed with 0.08 module gears with smaller teeth for  
            lower rotational mass and longer gear life                         
          Suspension: Multiple pivot point adjustment for fine roll center     
            tuning, adjustable sway bars                                       
          Shocks: Oil-filled aluminum body                                     
          Shock Towers: 0.14" (3.5mm) thick woven graphite                     
          Engine Mount: Four-piece, compatible with O.S and Novarossi engines  
          Spur Gears: 59T 1st and 54T 2nd gear composite construction          
          Pinion Gears: Steel 16T 1st gear, 21T 2nd gear                       
          Bumper: Front foam                                                   
          Brake: Single disc                                                   
          Fuel Tank: 2.5oz (75cc)                                              
          Steering: Woven graphite arms, servo saver                           
            with adjustable Ackerman, Ackerman refers to the effect of the     
            inner front wheel turning faster than the outer front wheel during 
          Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front   
            suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to the 
          Camber: Adjustable front and rear, camber refers to the angle        
            of the tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or   
            behind vehicle, titanium turnbuckles and camber links              
INCLUDES: HB R10 Touring Car Kit with shocks, engine mount, bumper, instruction
            manual, fuel tank, decals                                          
REQUIRES: Radio: 2-channel with high speed steering servo                      
          Engine: .12 cu in (2.0cc) rear exhaust with slide valve carb         
          Exhaust: Tuned pipe                                                  
          Tires: 1/10 scale touring type                                       
          Wheels: 1/10 scale touring type with 12mm hex                        
          Body: 1/10 scale touring car, 7.9" (200mm) wide                      
          Fuel, glow starter, building and track equipment                     
SPECS:    Length: 14.4" (366mm)                                                
          Width:   7.9" (200mm)                                                
          Wheelbase: 10.3" (261mm)                                             
          Weight: 3.75lbs (1700g)                                              
          Gear Ratio: 1st 7.56:1.0                                             
                      2nd 5.27:1.0                                             
COMMENTS: For Replacement Ball Bearings use:                                   
            Qty.  Size               Location       Qty. Bearing Set           
             2   10x15mm            Fr Upright       1    DTXC1595             
             2   6x12mm             Fr Upright       1    DTXC1569             
             2   10x15mm            Fr Diff          1    DTXC1595             
             2   10x15mm            Rear Diff        1    DTXC1595             
             2   6x12mm             Middle Shaft     1    DTXC1569             
             1   6x12mm             2-sp Shaft       1    DTXC1569             
             2   10x15mm            Rear Upright     1    DTXC1595             
             2   6x12mm             Rear Upright     1    DTXC1569             
             2   5x8mm              Steering         1    DTXC1523             
             1   5x10mm             Clutch           1    DTXC1535             
             2   5x8mm              Clutch           1    DTXC1523


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