010-0147-00 1/18th Mamba Micro X Waterproof ESC


This is the Castle Creations Mamba Micro X Waterproof Electronic Speed Control

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FEATURES: For 1/18 scale 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicles weighing up to            
            2.25lbs (1.02kg)                                                   
          Heavy-duty BEC (battery eliminator circuit) handles high-draw        
            digital servos                                                     
          Adjustable settings include;                                         
            Throttle               Punch Control                               
            Braking Curve          Reverse Type                                
            Drag Brake             Motor Type                                  
            Auto LiPo Cutoff                                                   
          Programmable Auxiliary Wire (AUX) allows adjustments to several      
            settings such as torque control and max throttle from a compatible 
          Profiles can be custom designed on a PC with the Castle Link         
            PC programming software (software not included, can be             
            downloaded for free from Castle's website, voucher is included for 
            free Castle Link Programmer)                                       
INCLUDES: Mamba Micro ESC                                                      
          Motor Leads with 3.5mm Bullet Connectors                             
          Pretinned Battery Leads (require connector to mate w/selected        
            battery, 4mm Castle Creations connectors recommended)              
          On/Off Switch                                                        
          Receiver Connector                                                   
          Instruction Booklet                                                  
REQUIRES: Compatible Motor and LiPo Battery, recommended battery capacity for  
            1/18 scale vehicles is 1500mAh, 30C or higher continuous           
          Voucher for free Castle Link Programmer                              
SPECS:    Input Voltage Range: Min. 2S LiPo, Max. 3S, 12.6V                    
          BEC Specifications: Adjustable: 5.5V or 7.5V (2A Peak), default 5.5V 
          Brake: Proportional                                                  
          Reversible: Yes, with lockout                                        
          On/Off Switch: Waterproof                                            
          Dimensions: 1.61 x 0.75 x 1.10" (41 x 19 x 28mm)                     
          Weight: 1.20oz (34.01g) without connector                            
COMMENTS: Not intended for operation while submerged in liquid. If unit is     
            operated in wet conditions, rinse with fresh water to remove       
            dirt or corrosives, then fully dry unit.

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Weight .32 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 2 in


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