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Available Glues and Accessories

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Dynamite Foam Safe CA, 1 oz/Activator, 2 oz. Combo Pack DYNK0045


ZAP Glue ZAP-O Foam Safe CA Glue, .7 oz PAAPT25


ZAP Glue Z-Poxy 30 Minute Epoxy, 8 oz PAAPT39


Dynamite Foam Safe CA, Medium, 1 oz. DYNK0047


ZAP Glue Foam Safe Kicker Spray, 2 oz PAAPT28


Dynamite CA, Thin, 2 oz. DYNK0027


ZAP Glue Z-Poxy 15 Minute Epoxy, 4 oz PAAPT35


ZAP Glue Z-Poxy Finishing Resin, 12 oz PAAPT40


ZAP Glue Zap Thin CA Glue, 1 oz PAAPT08


Dynamite Foam Safe CA, Thick, 1 oz. DYNK0046


Dynamite Clear Flexible Marine Tape (18M) DYNM0102


ZAP Glue Z-Poxy 5 Minute Epoxy, 8 oz PAAPT38

ZAP Glue Z-Poxy 5 Minute Epoxy, 4 oz PAAPT37

Deluxe Materials Foam 2 Foam, Foam Safe Glue, 50ml: EPO, EPS, Wood DLMAD34

ZAP Glue Zap-A-Gap Medium CA+ Glue, 1 oz PAAPT02

Deluxe Materials Foam Armour DLMBD50

Deluxe Materials Eze-Kote Finishing Resin, 500 ml DLMBD37


ZAP Glue Zap Thin CA Glue, 2 oz PAAPT07

ZAP Glue Zap-A-Gap Medium CA+ Glue, 2 oz PAAPT01


ZAP Glue Formula 560 Canopy Glue PAAPT56

Deluxe Materials Super ‘Phatic! DLMAD21

Deluxe Materials Model Lite Balsa Filler, Balsa Brown: 240cc DLMBD6


Deluxe Materials Wonderfill, 240ml DLMBD48

Dynamite CA Accelerator Pump, 2 oz. DYNK0050

Dynamite CA, Thick, 2 oz. DYNK0036

Dynamite CA Accelerator Pump Refill, 8 oz. DYNK0051

Dynamite Foam Safe Activator, Pump, 2 oz. DYNK0048

ZAP Glue Z-42 Medium-Strength Thread Lock, .20 oz PAAPT42


Dynamite CA, Medium, 2 oz. DYNK0031


ZAP Glue Zap-A-Gap Medium CA+ Glue (1), 4 oz PAAPT05

ZAP Glue Flexi-Tips (24) PAAPT21

Pro-line Racing Pro-Bond Tire Glue PRO603100

Dynamite Gap Filing CA, 2 oz. DYNK0042

ZAP Glue Zip Kicker CA Accelerator, Aerosol, 2 oz PAAPT15

Dynamite CA Debonder, 2 oz. DYNK0055

ZAP Glue Zap-A-Gap Medium CA+ Glue, 1/2 oz PAAPT03


Dubro Products Epoxy Brushes (6) DUB345

Deluxe Materials Cover-Grip, 150 ml DLMAD22

Deluxe Materials Perfect Plastic Putty, 40ml DLMBD44

Dynamite CA, Medium, 1 oz. DYNK0030

ZAP Glue Zap Thin CA Glue, 1/2 oz PAAPT09

Deluxe Materials Eze Dope, Tissue Shrink, 250ml DLMBD42

Team Losi Racing TLR 22-4 Chassis Protective Tape Precut (2) TLR331004

AKA PRODUCTS INC. AKA Racing Premium Tire Glue AKA38001

Dynamite Stiksion Premium Thin CA Tire Glue DYNP7000

Deluxe Materials Pin Point Syringe Kit DLMAC8

ZAP Glue ZAP-RT Rubber Toughened CA, 1 oz PAAPT44

ZAP Glue Slo-Zap Thick CA Glue, 1 oz PAAPT20

Deluxe Materials Model Lite Balsa Filler, White: 240cc DLMBD5

AKA PRODUCTS INC. AKA Tire Gluing Kit AKA44003

Dynamite Servo Tape, Black, 3/4″ DYN2266

Deluxe Materials R/C Modeller Canopy Glue: 4 oz DLMAD12

Team Losi Racing Off-Road Tire Gluing Kit TLR76002

ZAP Glue Zip-Kicker CA Accelerator Refill, 8 oz PAAPT29

Deluxe Materials Rocket Plastic Glue, 30ml DLMAD62

Team Losi Racing TLR Lok, Threadlock, Blue TLR76004

Deluxe Materials Brush Magic, 125 ml DLMAC19

Dynamite Servo Tape, Black, 1-1/2″ DYN2267

ZAP Glue Slo-Zap Thick CA Glue, 2 oz PAAPT33

Deluxe Materials Pin Flow Applicator DLMAC11

Team Losi Racing Tire Glue, Standard TLR76000

ZAP Glue Zip-Kicker Spray CA Accelerator, 2 oz PAAPT715

Trinity Epic Servo Tape Wide,1-1/2″ TRI6001

Dynamite CA, Thin, 1 oz. DYNK0026

ZAP Glue Zip-Kicker Aerosol CA Accelerator, 5 oz PAAPT50

Dynamite CA, Thick, 1 oz. DYNK0035

ZAP Glue Z-7 Debonder, 1 oz PAAPT16

Deluxe Materials Sand ‘n’ Seal DLMBD49

Trinity Epic Servo Tape Narrow,3/4″ TRI6000

Deluxe Materials Roket Powder, 40 g DLMAD18

Deluxe Materials Tissue Paste, 50 ml DLMAD60

Deluxe Materials Roket Glue Tip (6 pc) DLMAC20

ZAP Glue Zap Goo, 1 oz PAAPT12

Deluxe Materials Microballoons Filler: 250cc DLMBD15


Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Glue, 50ml DLMAD24

Deluxe Materials Aero Tech Epoxy, 50ml DLMAD64

Deluxe Materials Speed Epoxy II, 3.5 ton DLMAD71


Dynamite Thread Locker, .2 oz. DYNK0056


ZAP Glue Z-Poxy 5-Minute Quick Shot Epoxy, 1 oz PAAPT36

Dubro Products Mix-It-Stix (25) DUB346


Dynamite CA, Thin, 1/2 oz. DYNK0025

Deluxe Materials Tacky Wax: 28g DLMAD29


Deluxe Materials Smart Plastic, 125 g DLMBD63

JCONCEPTS INC Glue Straw, Tips (4) JCO20431

Dynamite Shoe Goo, 3.7 oz DYN8000

Deluxe Materials Roket Rapid CA 5~10 sec: 20g DLMAD44


Testor Corp. Tack Cloth TES50634CX

ZAP Glue Silicone Tape, 1″x10′, Carded PAAPT101

Team Losi Racing Tire Glue, Thin TLR76001

Deluxe Materials Speedbond, PVA Glue, 500 g DLMAD11

Deluxe Materials Aliphatic Resin, 112 g DLMAD8

Sonic Tronics Inc. Vinyl Mount Tape 1/8″ x 1/2″ x 72″ SOT236

Deluxe Materials Plastic Kit Glue, 20ml DLMAD70


ZAP Glue Zap-A-Gap Medium CA+ Glue, 1/4 oz PAAPT04

Dynamite Gap Filing CA, 1 oz. DYNK0041

Tamiya America Inc Plastic Cement 20ml TAM87012


Deluxe Materials Speed Epoxy II 4 min, 28 g DLMAD67

JConcepts Inc. Stick-On Weight Set, 5 & 10 g (16) JCO2136

ZAP Glue Poly-Zap Glue, 1/2 oz PAAPT22


AKA PRODUCTS INC. AKA Glue Applicater Tubing, 12″ AKA38002

Deluxe Materials Glue ‘n’ Glaze: Wood, Metal, Plastic DLMAD55

ZAP Glue Z-71 Permanent Thread Lock, .20 oz PAAPT71

ZAP Glue Z-Ends (10) PAAPT18

Deluxe Materials Glue Buster, Debonder DLMAD48

Deluxe Materials Roket Max CA 10~20 sec: 20g DLMAD45

MIP-Moores Ideal Products Stickeez Strips (8) MIP5115


ZAP Glue Zap Thin CA Glue, 1/4 oz PAAPT10


Deluxe Materials Speedbond, White Glue, 4 oz DLMAD10

Dynamite Shoe Goo, 1 oz DYN8001


Testor Corp. Pipettes TES50642C

Testor Corp. Cement for Metal/Wood Models (Carded), 5/8 oz TES4505AT

Testor Corp. Glue Tips TES8805MT

ZAP Glue Plasti-Zap Medium CA Glue, 1/3 oz PAAPT19

ZAP Glue Gel Glue, 3g PAAPT27

Testor Corp. MM Glue Tips TES8815

Testor Corp. Mini Super Glue, 4 pcs Carded TES3519C

ZAP Glue Zap-A-Gap Medium CA+ Single Use Tubes, 5 x 1/2 gram, Carded PAAPT105

Midwest Products Co. Balsa & Basswood Glue 4 oz MID361


ZAP Glue Plastic Model Cement, 1 oz, Carded PAAPT104


Sonic Tronics Inc. Mount Patches 1″ x 1-1/2″ (16) SOT234


Losi Tire Glue Applicater Tubing (8″) LOSA7879

Sonic Tronics Inc. Vinyl Mounting Patches, 1″ x 1″ (16) SOT233

Midwest Products Co. Balsa & Basswood Glue 1 oz MID362

Team Losi Racing TLR SCTE 2.0 Chassis Protective Tape Precut (2) TLR331003

Deluxe Materials Tricky Stick DLMAC17

Testor Corp. ELO Remover, 8oz TESF542143

Deluxe Materials Create and Shape DLMBD60

Deluxe Materials Roket Odorless CA: 20g DLMAD46


Deluxe Materials Aero Tech Auto Mix, 8cm Nozzles DLMAC14

Deluxe Materials Roket CA Gel DLMAD69


ZAP Glue Z-Poxy Finishing Resin, 4oz PAAPT41

Deluxe Materials Roket Card Glue: Rockets, Railway DLMAD57


Testor Corp. Instant Plastic Adhesive,1/4oz TES8874C

Deluxe Materials Aerokote Make it Matte DLMBD61

Testor Corp. Clear Parts Cement, 1 oz TES3515CT

ZAP Glue Zap-A-Gap Medium CA+ Glue Pen, 2 g, Carded PAAPT103

Pro-line Racing Pro-Line Pro-Bond Tire Glue Tips (3) PRO603101

Testor Corp. Non-Toxic Cement w/Applicator, 1oz TES3527C

Testor Corp. Quick Dry Cement with Applicator, 1 oz TES3507AT

Testor Corp. Cement Pen Carded, 1/3 oz TES3532A



Tamiya America Inc Decal Adhesive TAM87176

Testor Corp. Clear Parts Cement Window Maker 1/2oz TES8876C


AKA PRODUCTS INC. AKA Tire Mounting Bands (8) AKA44002

Team Losi Racing Glue Tips (20) TLR76005

Woodland Scenics Scene-A-Rama Project Glue WOOSP4142

Woodland Scenics Scene-A-Rama Sticky-Bond WOOSP4143


Tamiya America Inc Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement TAM87038


Tamiya America Inc Tamiya Putty (Basic Type) TAM87053

Sonic Tronics Inc. Vinyl Mounting Tape,1/16″ x 1/2″ SOT235


Dynamite Gap Filing CA, 1/2 oz. DYNK0040

Testor Corp. Liquid Cement, 1 oz TES3502X

Testor Corp. Testor Super Glue, 1/4 oz TES3517CT

Testor Corp. Cement For Plastic, Value Pack TES3509C

ZAP Glue Plasti-Zap Brush On Medium CA, .25 oz, Carded PAAPT102

ZAP Glue Zap-A-Gap Brush-On Medium CA+, .25 oz, Carded PAAPT100

Testor Corp. Plastic Model Cement, Carded 5/8 oz TES3512A

Testor Corp. Fast Drying Contour Putty, 5/8 oz TES3511X

Testor Corp. Plastic Cement Carded, 5/8 oz TES3516XT


Testor Corp. Plastic Cement Carded, 7/8 oz TES3522A

Testor Corp. Wood Cement Extra Fast, 5/8 oz TES3503X










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