ECX03013Torment 1:10 4wd SCT Brushed:

RTR The 4WD ECX® Torment™ Short Course Truck comes readily equipped for brutal off-road conditions. With waterproof electronics and a bulletproof 4×4 drivetrain, the 4WD ECX torment won’t back down from delivering excitement wherever it goes.


ECX01000 Ruckus 1/18th 4WD Monster Truck RTR
ECX01001 Torment 1/18th 4WD Short Course Truck RTR
ECX03000 Circuit 1:10 2wd Stadium Truck: Blue/Silver RTR
ECX03001 Circuit 1:10 2wd Stadium Truck: Black/Silver RTR
ECX03002 Ruckus 1:10 2wd Monster Truck: Charcoal/Silver RTR
ECX03003 Ruckus 1:10 2wd Monster Truck: Green/Black RTR
ECX03004 Boost 1:10 2wd Buggy: White/Red RTR
ECX03005 Boost 1:10 2wd Buggy: Black/Green RTR
ECX03006 Torment 1:10 2wd SCT: Silver/Blue RTR
ECX03007 Torment 1:10 2wd SCT: Black/Green RTR
ECX03008 Torment 1/10 2WD BL RTR SCT: Blue/White
ECX03009 Ruckus 1/10 2WD BL RTR Monster Truck: Black/White
ECX03011 Circuit 1:10 4wd Stadium Truck Brushed: RTR
ECX03012 Ruckus 1:10 4wd Monster Truck Brushed: RTR
ECX03013 Torment 1:10 4wd SCT Brushed: RTR
ECX0800 ECX 1/8 Revenge Type e Brushless Buggy
ECX4000S Torment 1/10 SCT Black/Orange
ECX4100S Torment 1/10 SCT Red/Gray






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