CVD Kit from MIP

SC10 CVD Kit from MIP

If you are serious about racing your SC10, a CVD Kit from MIP should be on your short list of hop-ups. CVD’s also have benefits that a basher will appreciate.

CVD stands for “Constant Velocity Drive”. CVD’s are designed to put constant power to the wheels, unlike the traditional dogbones that come with the SC10. The result is a smoother drive train and slightly better punch.

CVD’s also eliminate the side-to-side slop that a dogbone setup has.

The most important advantage of CVD’s may be that you can’t lose them! Dogbones will slip out when you pop a ball cup and that means you will lose the dogbone unless you are lucky enough to find it. With CVD’s you’ll never have to worry about losing a dog bone again.

The CVD Kit from MIP runs around $30.

Installing the CVD’s take a little bit of work. The video below shows you exactly how to install the CVD’s on your SC10.

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