SC10 Setup Tips

SC10 Setup Tips

SC10 Setup Tips

Team Associated did a much needed redesign of their website a few months ago. One practical improvement was that they made the Setup Sheets easy to find for the SC10.

In an organized table, they have listed a link to download the Setup Sheet, the name of the driver, the track the setup was used on, and the conditions of the track. They have SC10 setup tips for just about any racing surface.

If you need some SC10 setup tips, go here!



Your guide to buying a Quadcopter

by Nicole Blanckenberg

    Not only do smaller quadcopters make a great hobby for kids and adults alike, but the heavier camera carrying versions also allow for amazing aerial videoing and photographs. Blurring the line between toys and tools, quadcopters are growing in popularity, and as more and more brands and types hit the market, it is getting increasingly difficult to choose. Whether you are a beginner looking for a new hobby for the kids or a professional flyer looking for quality footage, there is a quadcopter out there for you. To help you choose just the right one for you, we have put together this quadcopter shopping guide.

Types of Quadcopters

Quadcopters vary in size and abilities, as well as how they arrive at your door, and deciding between them will be based on whether you need professional videos for specific needs, just want to fly for a little fun, are a total beginner, or would like to build one as a hobby. To help you choose, here are the different types of quadcopters for you to compare:

Simple Quadcopters: These are lightweight quadcopters that are the perfect starting point for beginners and a great first quadcopter for the kids. They are designed to simply fly around, like smaller RC planes but even easier to control, and are good entertainment for the whole family.

Carrying Quadcopters: A similar concept to larger drones, carrying quadcopters are larger, heavier, and offer a more advanced option. Designed to carry cameras such as GoPros or their own built-in camera units, they film or take stills during flights. These are great for the intermediate hobbyist or for capturing amazing aerial footage.

RTF (Ready to Fly) Quadcopters: These quadcopters are ideal for beginners or for someone who wants a model they can take out of the box and fly straight away without the hassle of having to put together the unit themselves.

Kit Model Quadcopters: Kit model quadcopters make it possible to build your own quadcopters, buying and choosing some of the components like transmitters separately. If you enjoy building models and are looking for a fun project, these quadcopters allow better quality models for much better prices and are a great way to engage kids in the fun of building and tinkering.

What people are saying

Based on all the consumers’ reviews we’ve scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

Build: Durable quadcopters that can survive mild crashers are reviewed well, especially by beginners. Finding a tough model with cheaper replacement parts will ensure many more hours flying with your new quadcopter.

Controls: Owners at all levels rate quadcopters with simple to use, intuitive controls much higher than ones without, as this makes their quadcopters easier to fly. Sensitive controls are also prefered by advanced pilots for more nuanced control of the quadcopters flight characteristics.

Battery: Battery life is a big concern for quadcopter owners as the better the battery life, the longer the flight and the more fun you’ll have on a single charge. Reviewing manufacturer specs to compare different battery lives will help ensure you get the best battery deal. It is also recommended that you buy additional batteries for your quadcopter to get more use out of it on each mission.

Features: The most reviewed features for quadcopters are LED lights and transmitters. Quadcopters that burn bright help owners keep track of their crafts even in low light conditions, and LEDs that flash to indicate a low battery are particularly favored. Quadcopters that don’t come with transmitters included are not reviewed well by beginners as this means additional costs for thier new hobby.

Useful tips for shoppers

    • If you are a beginner, choosing a less expensive model to learn with will save you a lot of heartache. There is a learning curve with mastering the flying control of a quadcopter, and crashing a carrying quadcopter with your camera attached will be more expensive to replace.
    • When deciding on range distance of your new quadcopter, consider your intended use. If you will be using your quadcopter for aerial footage, a quadcopter that will only work within 30 meters of their remote may not be sufficient for you. For a hobbiest, however, or kids using it around the house, that would be more than enough flying range.
    • The same consideration could be said about the battery life of your quadcopter. If you are filming larger areas or if you will be buying the quadcopter to start off your child’s flying hobby, you will need a battery that is longer lasting. The battery life of a quadcopter will range anywhere from 6 – 12 minutes and choosing one that will suit you perfectly depends on your needs.
    • Battery charging time will vary, and on average will take two hours to recharge between flights. Therefore, having replacement batteries is essential. Check if the brand you are considering offers replacement batteries, compare prices among brands, and also make sure they are available and easy to buy.
    • Another important thing to think about when choosing is the replacement cost of parts, and if spare parts are indeed available for your prospective quadcopter. Inexpensive and available replacements will mean a longer life for your quadcopter instead of you having to throw it out if something breaks.
    • FPV (first-person view) quadcopters are any quadcopter that is flown via a video feed coming from the device itself. LOS (line-of-sight) quadcopter refers to the more traditional way of piloting where you guide by watching the craft from where you stand.
    • Your RTF quadcopter should include at least batteries and a transmitter and be ready fly as soon as you have taken out of the box. This is a craft for a beginner or someone who doesn’t want the hassle of putting it together themselves. An ARTF (almost ready to fly) quadcopter will refer to a kit that has all the required parts but where some assembly is required. They are great for hobbyist who want to know how their quadcopter works, and may or may not include transmitters.
    • Quadcopters have four mounted motors, and most models will have two that rotate clockwise and two that rotate counter-clockwise to make flights more stable. For the more experienced flyers, there are some that only turn one way or another, and combination quadcopters that are capable of either turning clockwise, counterclockwise, or both directions at the same time, which means more advanced flying options.
    • Some quadcopter models have built-in LED lights. These are great for spotting your craft in low-light conditions or at night. Some will even flash automatically when battery levels get low to alert you that it’s time to come in for a landing before power is gone!



There are many different versions of the Hubsan X4 quad and they all have good quadcopter reviews. The best one for a beginner quadcopter enthusiast though is the original Hubsan X4 H107. This one is 100% ready to fly and includes a 2.4GHz radio and a rechargeable 3.7 V 240 mAh battery. Considering it comes with everything needed to fly out of the box, the only thing you need to do before you get flying is charge your battery. The battery takes about 30 minutes to charge and allows you to get almost 10 minutes of flying time. Due to the lightweight airframe, ultimate stability, and small size of 60 mmx60 mm, you will get longer flight time which equates to more practice time! This is the best drone for flying indoors or outdoors but just be sure it’s not windy while flying outside.


Great for enthusiasts just starting out, the Estes 4606 Proto X Nano has a plastic body and should only be flown indoors. This was actually my first quadcopter I bought after reading it’s quadcopter reviews and I’m thankful it didn’t break every time I flew it into a wall. For the rare occasion when I broke a blade, there were conveniently 4 spare rotor blades included with the quad. There are even LED indicators on both the front and back which help you stay oriented during flight. Unless you’re holding your quadcopter in your hand, it’s very difficult to determine the front and back so the lights are a lifesaver  especially in dim light. Included with the Estes 4606 is a 4-channel 2.4 GHz radio and a 100mAh 3.7 V LiPo battery making this a complete RTF quadcopter right out of the box.

Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0

There are many cool perks of this quad that makes it the best quadcopter if you’re kind of in between skill levels. First off, it has an incredibly robust structure which is built to withstand crashes and absorb impacts. The body is crafted out of foam which isolates the expensive parts to keep them safe and absorb vibrations creating a smoother flight. Also included with the Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0 is an inside hull which further protect your quad from damage. Even if you’re not fully advanced to an intermediate level yet, you can still move up to the Parrot and use the hull until you’ve reached perfection.


Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0


The most advanced feature incorporated into the Parrot is the ability to control your drone via iPhone, iPad or any Android device. From your device, you can view life steaming video from your Parrot and fly via FPV. You can also record and share photos and videos directly from the FreeFlight 2.0 app. This may seem like a huge jump from a basic toy quad but as long as you start out with the hall and work your way up to fpv flying, the Parrot should last you many years of flying.

Yuneec Q500

5Yuneec Q500 Typhone WoW
ByMark R. Tindol “DMPDDIVER”on March 5, 2015
​I have been wanting a quad copter for quite awhile for fun and shooting video of some of my travels. I know there is allot of controversy about these devices now and wanted something well designed and easy to fly.When I came across the Yuneec Q500 I researched it for weeks and found only great reviews. The only thing negative I saw was it was a little slow in speed and that was fine with me as I was not going to race it around.
When I first received it I found it packaged properly and all items in the box as promised.
The only issue I had was once I had it all charged up I noticed the quad was showing me some status lights that were not in the instruction manual.
I called Yuneec at their California location and was surprised to actually talk to someone. This person was very helpful and I give their customer service 5 stars.
He explained to me that Yuneec had upgraded their firmware and this new indication was not yet included in the current manual but was completely normal and in his words…go have fun let it fly, you covered under warranty and if anything happens we will fix or replace it.
Well withnew found confidence I went outside and flew it for the first time and was completely taken over by how easy it was .It never missed a beat and when it told me the battery was getting low I flipped a switch and it landed almost exactly were it took off.
I am very impressed about this device and look forward to many happy flights.
This company I bought it from was well informed and answered all my questions promptly and I recommend them because of their excellent customer service.
If your looking for an easy to use yet well designed and built Quad copter I highly recommend the Yuneec Q500.

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4Hi Andrew I would be happy to give you a review on my Yuneec Q500 …
Bydan pon March 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
HiAndrewI would be happy to give you a review on myYuneecQ500 Typhoon. Everything came in the box to get theQ500 up and running without a glitch.I have made about 20 flights so far and am very impressed with the ease of flying the Q500. As long as the unit is in GPS lock the machine flys level and can take even more wind than what Yuneec recommends.

I have also flown a few times with the GPS disabled. I am not an experienced pilot and can tell you that outdoors with any wind at all you had better be on your toe’s. I managed to keep the bird in the air and land safely, but It was not comfortable to fly. I’m sure with more experience it will become easier to fly when GPS is disabled, but for now I will be giving myself allot of room.

With that being said, I have to say that I have had one crash so far. The reason for the crash my be somewhat my fault. I was flying near my home which happens to be in a canyon with many 200 foot fir trees. I had just finished a flight and decided to fly home low and film the road to my house. I was about 4 feet off the ground flying in angle mode when the controller vibrated and the lost GPS led’s lite up on the Q500. I was hovering at the time and when it lost the GPS signal the bird started acting erratic and the sticks did not respond. There fore I managed to fly into a tree and break two props. My concern is that just before the incident I had 12 satellites for the Q500, 5 satellites on the controller and the SAT READY indicator was on. With that being said, the Yuneec manual states and showS that you must have a 100 degree clear path to the sky. I most definitely did not have that. So be wear when flying in wooded areas, if you loose the GPS lock things happen very fast. The only other issue I have been having is with the Purple LED. In pilot mode with GPS lock the LED should glow continuously. My LED tends to blink randomly. The blinking does not match any of the warnings on the LED chart. So I am going to check with Yuneec to see what the problem might be.

As for the camera on the Q500 I can say that it is what I expected. I am a professional still photographer and have done little to no video work. So far the video’s that I have been taking are not to bad, The gimbal mount on the camera is incredible. Even with some very violent moves the camera images stays solid. The still photo’s are what I would expect for the price. I have not had time to print any images, but at a 100% crop the images are still OK. In bright light the video and stills are a bit over saturated, but again they are except-table for snap shots or home video. When you are used to spending 6 to 10 K on a camera without a lens, I find it incredible that Yuneec has managed to make a camera/video platform that fly’s for 1300.00 dollars.

In conclusion I am very happy with the Yuneec Q500 Typhoon. I purchased it to get some experience flying and doing photography to see if I was willing to take the step and buy a larger drone that can handle a DSLR. But from what I have seen so far perhaps If Yuneec comes up with a little better camera maybe I won’t need to spend the big bucks.

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5I enjoyed the Phantom but the it was’t stable and most …
ByKevin McRaeon March 11, 2015
Verified Purchase
Shortly after buying the DJI Phantom 2 Vision I discovered the Q500 Typhoon. I enjoyed the Phantom but the it was’t stable and most of the video wasn’t that good. Return it and bought the Q500 and couldn’t be happier. The gimbal on this drone is fantastic and provides great stability for videos. The camera on the other hand can produce overly warm photos/videos and I feel like the camera on the Phantom was slightly better at producing the right colors. This drone does have some cool features over the Phantom such as Follow Me and built in FPV screen on the controller, no external video device needed. As an added bonus I received the SteadyGrip handheld controller for free which was great.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
5Great Great product! Easy to fly! Great company!
ByKyleon March 5, 2015
I wanted a Drone that I would be able to upgrade in the future with a 4k camera. and easy to fly with a screen to view what I was filming. And handle well in the wind. I Found it! On top of that yuneec is a great company! Crashed it and broke a camera wire wrote them and they responded quickly and called me and gave me great advice and didn’t rush me off the phone. And Instead of having me purchase a new camera for 500$ it was a 5$ fix I paid shipping. Great product! Great company. Also read done peoples reviews stating they sent their copter in for repairs but couldn’t get answers on returns. I spoke with yuneec and if you’re a news watcher you May have heard about a dock Strike with the teamsshot in California were they are located? Well the ship that all their parts were on was sitting out their. They give nothing less then stellar support and try and help you trouble shoot when and were ever possible. Try getting live person with other company’s.
review image
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5Best quad for its price
ByAmazon Customeron April 5, 2015
My first exposure to a quality quad was to aDJI Phantom. My friend had bought his used and had a problem with one of the motors. It was either the motor or the ESC, and I helped him go online and find a video that explained how to fix it. Since there was no way to tell which it was, he started with the ESC. I don’t have a conclusion to the story, but I did notice that he had a hard time finding help, but eventually did. I was impressed with the Phantom and came close to getting one. I discussed this with my son, who happens to work in a hobby store (I can’t mention the name, but it rhymes withrobby gown). He told me about the Typhoon, so I started doing my own research, since I had never heard of it. What really sold me on it was that it had its ownbuilt inFPV withreal time down linking of telemetry. I would have bought myQ500 from Amazon if I couldn’t have gotten an employee discount through my son, since the retail price of theQ500 is the same everywhere, including direct from the factory. So, when he brought it to me we had to try it out as soon as we could. The first thing I will tell anyone who buys one is READ THE MANUAL FIRST. The package comes with an 8GB micro SD card that you can use for capturing video or still shots. The owner’s manual and a lot of other stuff is on that card, rather than on a CD, so copy everything from the card to your computer and then format the card for the full 8GB in flight. When you put the card in the camera, BE CAREFUL. First, make sure you are putting it in the correct slot. The slot for the card is the same size as the ventilation slots. But the slot for the card is clearly labeled. Next, make sure you are inserting the card correctly. I thought I was, but I was wrong, and the card got jammed between the card holder and the camera frame. We had to partially disassemble the camera to retrieve it. And that was trick in itself. Eventually I got it out and got the camera reassembled. With the card correctly in the slot we took the quad out to a field and did the compass calibration that was described on one of the sheets that came with the quad. Only later did we learn that this was unnecessary. We then launched it off a piece of cardboard, since it was a grassy field. We had it in the air for about 3 minutes, with the video running at 50PFS the whole time. When a gust of wind came and blew the cardboard we figured we had better get it down while we could. It landed with no effort at all. The quad does not come with any video editing software, so I used Microsoft’s Movie Maker to edit it. I couldn’t figure out why it was running so slow until I realized the file size was over 670MB. But, the video that I shot was impressive. The image was steady as a rock. The next day we flew it again. This time I just took some stills from a much higher altitude than the first day. They too were impressive, although the color saturation was a bit high. That is easily corrected with any photo editor, but I use Microsoft’s Photo Editor. The stills were about 2.4MB each, plus a small file that is created with each one. I have never figured out what those are, as some regular cameras create them as well. I just transfer the .JPG files to the computer and then delete all the files from within theDCIM folder on the SD card. I already have a 32 GB card on order through Amazon so I don’t have to be so concerned with the space on the card.As for flying, there are three modes. The first one is SMART mode. With this, the quad moves in whatever direction you move the stick on the right. Just be sure to be facing the quad. Stick left, quad left. Stick right, quad right. Stick toward you, quad toward you. Stick away from you, quad away from you. Moving the left stick left or right controls the yaw of the quad, which will aim the camera in any direction. The yaw does not affect how the right stick works. Once you get used to this mode it’s great for taking photos and videos. But if you are used to flying planes or other quads it will seem awkward at first. The left stick also controls ascent or descent RATE. That is an important and impressive feature, and unlike any other flying device I have ever encountered. Unlike other quads, it does not directly control the thrust. Instead, if left centered, the quad will simply hold its altitude. Push it away from you and it goes UP. The more you push it up the faster it goes. Pull it toward you and it descends. The rate of each is controlled by the turtle/rabbit lever on the right side of theST10 ground unit (you can hardly call it a transmitter, since it is so much more than that). The rate is also limited by the software, although I imagine if you gave it full down you could cause it damage when it hits the ground. The second mode is called the ANGLE mode, and this is how most quads fly. The left and right stick movement becomes relative to the quad and not to the pilot, so yaw becomes a factor. The third mode is the HOME mode. In this mode you don’t use the sticks at all. You just let the quad do it’s thing, and it will fly level and its current altitude, or 30 feet, whichever is greater, until it is over its point of takeoff, then it descends at a safe rate until it lands. All of this depends on its connection to the GPS system. If it loses the GPS signal then it reverts to the ANGLE mode. So be aware.The included camera is the CGO2, three axis gimbal stabilized 12 or 16 megapixel camera that takes stills or HD video. It is the same camera that is used on some other quads and is a remarkable piece of work. There is no microphone included, unlike a GoPro camera that can be mounted on some other quads. So you won’t get the obnoxious buzz of the props along with your video. It also does not have as strong a fish eye effect as the GoPro camera. The camera status is reported on the ground based station, so you can tell when you are recording, and you can see what the camera sees at all times. You have to turn off the video recording in order to take a still. When you take a still there is a slight shutter sound on the ground based unit, so you know you got a shot.

The ST10 is the designation for the ground based unit, and it truly a remarkable piece of equipment. It has a built in receiver that receives the video from the quad’s camera, whether or not you are recording anything, along with telemetry which tells you important information about the quad, including its GPS position, altitude, battery condition, and other status. Rather than go into all the detail about it, read the manual, which is available online at the Yuneec website.

Sounds great, doesn’t it. But there are some downsides. My first complaint is that the ST10 makes a rather loud noise when it’s one. It sounds like there is something rubbing on the cooling fan (yes, it has a fan because it is a small but powerful computer that needs to be cooled). The screen is pretty difficult to see in bright daylight. Yuneec is aware of this and provides a stick on sunshade to help with that. I haven’t tried it yet. The quad itself has several lights. The one in the center is the status light. There are so many different codes that it comes with a large card that explains what each one means. Unfortunately, the card has not kept up with the software, and the Q500 gives codes that are not explained on the card. The box includes some things that are not explained. One of them remained a mystery for a while. It turned out to be a spare clip to keep the battery compartment door closed. I can only guess this is because it must be a very fragile thing, but I haven’t had a problem with it yet. Finally, the Yuneek website has downloads for updating the firmware, but I have not been able to figure out how to do it. The instructions for it are not real clear. However, from what I have heard about their customer support, I am sure a call to them would help. I am reluctant to call because I figure if they start getting too many calls their customer support might start to suffer. I don’t want that.

So, my advice to anyone considering buying one, check out the competition first. Look at the DJI Phantom and the Blade Q350. Compare features to the Yuneec Q500. I would bet you will make the same decision I did. Be aware that this quad is primarily designed to be an aerial platform for video and still photography. It is not at all agile, so if that’s what you are looking for, you will be disappointed. Personally, I would not want to risk a 1,300 dollar investment on something I was going to race around. But if you are looking for a stable platform with superb imaging, I doubt you can beat it.

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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5Best Purchase ever!
ByRick Riveraon March 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
OMG! I just got this today and was flying in about 90 minutes after battery charging. I bought a couple of wl toys quads a while back and and trained on those first, they were just the cheap ones about $80.00. I really should have just bought one of these, Its amazing flys perfect and always in control, remote is the same easy to use and simple design yet powerful and filled with all the flight information right in front of your eyes, if you need to look at screen while in flight just let go of sticks and it stops and hovers immediately. I took a video of my first flight it was crystal clear with no vibration whats so ever it was like I was watching a HD national geographic show. Let me say I’m not rich so this was major purchase for me but its my birthday next week and I justified it that way. I was considering DJ phantom but after speaking to owners and reading reviews I was not going to take a 5 out of 10 shot that it would just fly away. And the service from DJ is the worst I’ve ever read about can you imagine spending $1500 on a quad and you cant get a person on the phone there. This is the best quad on the market for the features it has no doubt, and you get an extra battery and gimbal holder for taking videos by hand. An example of how easy it is to fly I let my girlfriend take control of it in the angle mode and I had it set up so the sticks were in line with direction she flew it perfect back and for and made some turns and she has never flown anything. I have to congratulate the designers at Yuneec for this copter they really nailed it right the first time, I can only imagine their larger models they must fly like the space shuttle. If I was DJ I’d really be worried once these get out there more the market will be Yuneecs.



Blade 350 QX BNF Quadcopter Compatible with GoPro

Quadcopters are becoming more and more popular for all ages.  With all of the different models available, one can find the perfect quadcopter to meet their expectations.  The Blade 350 QX is one model in particular that is sure to meet all of your expectations with all of the features it has to offer.

blade-350-qx-quadcopter-reviewThe Blade 350 QX is available in two models including the Ready-To-Fly Version (BLH7800) and the Bind-N-Fly Version (BLH7880).  The BLH7800 version is ready to fly, while the other version needs an A 5+ channel DSM2 and a power supply.  Both models come engineered with Safe Technology, which is one of the Blade’s best features.  Safe technology consists of a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system.  This enables smoother flight capability that fights against windy conditions.  Multiple modes are a part of the security with Safe Technology.  The Smart Mode prevents the 350 QX from flying too close to its pilot.  It also allows the quadcopter to consistently be in a stable position with the altimeter sensors.  The Stability Mode also allows for a stable flight with the self-leveling characteristics.

An additional mode that provides a robust flight experience, with AS3X flight characteristics, is the Agility Mode.  This mode is what enables the aerobatic maneuvers to be possible with extreme stability.   Along with those, the GPS and Altimeter are part of Safe Technology.  This allows the Blade 350 QX to remain in a specific position for stable aerial footage.  The Stick Relativity is an additional feature of Safe Technology that enables you to move the cyclic stick on the transmitter right or left, while the 350 QX will move right or left relative to the pilot despite which way it’s pointing.  The Blade’s flight time ranges from 10-15 minutes.

People all over are enjoying the Blade 350 QX Quadcopter.  One customer review in particular explains how easy it is to fly by only having to set up the radio and you’re ready to go.  They went on to describe how the auto landing feature is really great.  Also, the reviewer was impressed with the smart mode.  She goes on to say that if you have never flown anything before that this quad would be perfect.

The Blade 350 QX Quadcopter has all of the spectacular features that one could ask for.  With it being easy to fly, it is accessible to all.  The Blade 350 QX Quadcopter is revolutionizing the flying experience.

Hi our Readers and a Warm Welcome To Blade 350 QX Review. Blade 350 QX Quadcopter is an intermediate level drone. It is pretty much similar when comparing blade 350 qx vs phantom because it is made especially for aerial photography. But can it beat the Dji Phantom is a concern. It is a great solid quadcopter for anyone looking to launch into aerial videography. Though it does not have the same punch as the DJI Phantom Series, but yet offer a decent value for your investment. Usually Blade 350 QX Price is about $470 (Ready-To-Fly Version) on Amazon. However, prices may change time to time without notification. Continue reading our in-depth Blade 350 QX Review.

Blade 350 QX Review – Important Specification Details

Blade 350 QX Review – Blade 350 QX comes in two different versions of the quadcopters: Bind-N-Fly (FLH7880) and Ready-To-Fly (BLH7800). RTF version comes with Spektrum DX5e transmitter. The BNF version is $50 cheaper than the RTF model since it does not have a transmitter. Both versions consist of GoPro camera mount, Li-Po battery and charger. There is Blade 350 QX Problems in both version, so take a closer look at the key specs of these below for easy decision-making.

Ready-To-Fly Version (BLH7800A) Specifications

  • Brand: Blade
  • Model: Blade 350 QX RTF
  • Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 13.2 x 6.5 inches
  • Camera Included? Camera sold separately (GoPro camera)
  • Shipping Weight: 6 pounds
  • Flight Duration: 10-15 Minutes
  • Completion Level: Ready-To-Fly
  • Assembly Required?: No
  • Accessories Included: charger and Lithium polymer(Li-Po) flight battery

Bind-N-Fly (FLH7880) Key Specifications

  • Brand: Blade
  • Model: Blade 350 QX BNF
  • Product Dimensions: 21.8 x 13.2 x 6.5 inches
  • Camera Included? Camera not included, but sold separately (GoPro camera)
  • Shipping Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Flight Duration: N/A
  • Completion Level: Bind-N-Fly
  • Assembly Required?: Yes
  • Accessories Included: DC charger, 3S 2200mAh LiPo battery and blade 350 qx manual

Blade 350 QX Review – Explanation of Different Modes

Blade 350 QX Series of Quad-copter’s Comes In Four Different Flight Modes Which Are Explained Below In Detail.

  • Stability Mode – The LED Light status is blue during the Stability Mode. We recommend beginners to use this mode instead of the Smart mode. The Stick Relativity might make things harder like flying a more serious drone. It is ideal to get used to flying the quadcopter properly. This mode key features include self leveling and place holding.
  • Smart Mode – This is one of the best mode in Blade 350 QX Quadcopter for beginners. The LED Light Status is green while in the smart mode. You can move the drone to whichever direction you move the stick and uses self leveling. It hold its place with the GPS technology.
  • Agility Mode – While in Agility Mode, the LED lights status is red. This mode is recommended for intermediate pilots. It allow users to flip the quadcopter over and do quick aerobatics man-oeuvres.
  • Return to Home Mode – During this mode, the LED Light Status is fast flashing red. once you activate this mode the drone flies back to it’s take-off position automatically using GPS Navigation, But comes with Blade 350 QX Problems in terms of GPS Coverage. Keep reading this Blade 350 QX Review.


Blade 350QX BNF Review (350QX BNF Firmware 2.0 with SAFE)

350 QX BNF Firmware  with SAFE

Click Here For Pricing

This is the BNF Version of Blade 350 QX Quadcopter. It is manufactured by Blade equipped with SAFE Technology. It offers up to 4 different flight modes that are explained above. You can do various aerial stunts and flips with a press of button. You can install a special GoPro Mount that cut all types of vibration coming from the motors.

However, camera is not included and sold separately. You get three LiPo battery and DC charger with this Blade 350 QX Quadcopter. It offer stable performance, balanced control, sensitivity control and best flight performance as per as your expectation. However, it does not come with a transmitter unlike RTF model that comes with one. This is one of the ideal Blade 350 QX Review.



350QX RTF with SAFE

350 QX RTF with SAFE

Click Here For Pricing

This is the popular Blade 350 QX RTF Quadcopter out there in the market. It has similar features, technologies and advantages as BNF model reviewed above. This quadcopter is designed to dominate the aerial video market by bringing the best out of the Blade engineers knowledge. It features various dynamic flight modes that can be adjusted according to your level of ability. You can capture Aerial Videos with a GoPro Camera (Camera Sold Separately).

This entire unit measures by 21.8 x 13.2 x 6.5 inches and lightweight compared with its previous models. It has good feedback’s and customer reviews on Amazon. This is one of the best Blade 350 QX Review you can read in this site.



Blade 350 QX Review – This drone is recommended for any RC Beginner or Expert who want to get into aerial photography. It is more expensive than Parrot AR.Drone, but capable of capturing or recording high quality videos. This isn’t really a competitor for Dji Phantom Series, but quite worth the money as long as you fly it safely and carefully. Anyways, thanks for checking-out this Blade 350







SC10 Factory Team hop-ups

Factory Team parts were created by Team Associated to provide better performance and durability. Many of these hop-ups were created for the B4 Buggy or T4 Truggy, but they fit on yourSC10.

Here are some parts that are worth looking into:

#1283 FT T4 Ti Turnbuckle Set – Not something you need right away. Wait until one of your turnbuckles gets bent or worn out from adjusting.

1770 FT Milled Aluminum Motor Plate, (blue) – If your motor is running hot, this is a good investment.

#3971 Steering Rack Bearings – Get these to smooth out your steering and put less stress on your servo.

#7447 T4 Front A-Arm, Carbon – We love carbon and so should you. Get these the second you break a front A-arm.

#7449 T4 Rear A-Arm, Carbon – Same as the fronts.

#9567 B4/T4 Top Plate, Carbon – This is a great part combined with a front Chassis Brace.

Here is a complete list with part #’s…

#1283 FT T4 Ti Turnbuckle Set
#1406 FT Ti Turnbuckle, 2.00″ (blue)
#1408 FT Ti Turnbuckle, 2.65″ (blue)
#1409 FT Ti Turnbuckle, 1″ (sway bar, blue)
#1417 FT Ti Turnbuckle, 2.80″ (blue)
#1585 FT B4 Aluminum Trailing Axle
#1595 FT Chassis Lead Weights, 1/4 oz.
#1598 FT Blue Aluminum Shock Caps, (blue)
#1654 FT Solid Axle Pins
#1734 FT Blue Body Clip, 4 long, 6 short
#1770 FT Milled Aluminum Motor Plate, (blue)
#1777 Blue Aluminum Shock Ball Ends with Eyelets
#1779 FT Servo Mounts, blue aluminum
#1780 FT Blue Aluminum Threaded Shock Bushings
#1781 FT Rear Shock Bushing (short)
#3971 Steering Rack Bearings
#6416 Gold Shock Shaft, 1.32″ stroke
#6417 Gold Shock Shaft, 1.02″ stroke
#6906 Ball Bearing, PTFE Sealed 3/16 x 3/8″
#6937 FT 4-40 Aluminum Lock Nuts (blue)
#6943 FT 8-32 Aluminum Lock Nuts (blue)
#7412 Rear Threaded Shock Body, 1.39″
#7414 Front Threaded Shock Body, 1.02″
#7416 FT Threaded Shock Collar & O-Rings
#7447 T4 Front A-Arm, Carbon
#7449 T4 Rear A-Arm, Carbon
#7922 GT2 Caster Block 30 deg, (left & right)
#9565 B4/T4 Chassis Brace, Hinge Pin Brace, Carbon
#9567 B4/T4 Top Plate, Carbon
#9577 B4/T4 Steering Block, Inline (left & right)(req. #9623)
#9592 B4/T4 Caster Block 20 deg, (left and right)
#9608 RR Axle Wheel Spacer (silver)
#9610B B4/T4 Blue Servo Saver Bolt
#9623 FT B4 Front Inline Axle (req. #9577)
#9633 FT T4 Front Threaded Shock Kit, 1.02″
#9634 FT T4 Rear Threaded Shock Kit, 1.39″
#9635 B4/T4 Sway Bar Kit
#9665 FT B4/T4 Aluminum Hinge Pin Brace V2

Associated SC10 Beginner’s Buying Guide

Associated SC10 Beginner’s Buying Guide

Buying your first RC car can be intimidating and if you don’t know what you need, you could make some costly mistakes. In this recently updated guide, we are going to tell you exactly what you need to get started with the Team Associated SC10.

Here are the components you need to get your SC10 race-ready.

1. SC10 RTR Kit

SC10 Brushless RTR Kit

The SC10 Brushless RTR Kit comes with everything you need to start bashing, and almost everything you need to start racing. The RTR kit includes: SC10 Truck (assembled), XP3-SS 2.4GHz 3-channel radio system, XP SC450-BL Brushless ESC with LiPo cutoff, and Reedy 3300kV Brushless Motor.

The SC10 Brushless RTR is the most economical way to get started with the SC10.

2. Lipo Battery for SC10

Dynamite 6000mah LipoDynamite 6000 mah Lipo
Dynamite 4200mah LipoDynamite 4200 mah Lipo

LiPo Battery – LiPo batteries are one of the best things that has ever happened to the RC hobby. LiPo batteries give you more power, more runtime, and have a longer life. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money to get a LiPo Battery.

Get the Dynamite 6000 mah Lipo if you want a great value and lots of run time.

Get the Dynamite 4200 mah Lipo if you want to save a little money.

See LiPo Battery and Charger Setup for SC10 for more info.

3. Lipo Battery Charger

Dynamite AC/DC Lipo ChargerDynamite AC/DC Lipo Charger

LiPo Battery Charger – LiPo batteries require a charger that is specifically designed to charge LiPo batteries. We highly recommend the AC/DC LiPo charger from Dynamite. The Dynamite AC/DC Lipo Charger can charge through any electrical outlet or it can be powered by a car battery.

4. SC10 Off-Road Tires

The SC10 RTR comes with tires that will only perform well on high traction surfaces like pavement or carpet. I have seen many newbies come to race with their stock SC10 tires and their truck is almost impossible to drive.

At the very least, you need to get soft rear tires. Depending on the track surface and your budget, you may need softer fronts as well. Here are some great tire options for your SC10:

Pro-Line Caliber M4Pro-Line Caliber M4
JConcepts SubculturesJConcepts Subcultures
JConcepts GoosebumpsJConcepts Goosebumps

See Hop-up Tires for the SC10 for more info.

5. SC10 Toolbox Essentials

If you don’t have any tools, we recommend your invest in some if you can. The SC10 RTR kit does come with hex wrenches and nut drivers, but they are cheap. If you can get a set of semi-quality hex wrenches and nut drivers, it will make working on your SC10 alot easier (not to mention less stripped screws).

6. Double AA batteries

You need eight (8) double AA batteries to power the 2.4g radio that comes with the SC10 RTR. If you have the extra cash, I recommend getting some rechargeable Energizers and a double AA battery charger.

These six products will start you off with a quality set up that can bash up your backyard or tear up your local track. If you want to upgrade to a faster motor, check out SC10 Brushless Motor Setups for more info.

Why Short Course Trucks are great for beginners (or anyone!)

Short Course racing has taken local tracks and backyards by storm and for good reason. Short Course trucks have bigger tires and bigger bodies that make for exciting, realistic racing and bashing. Compared to traditional RC off-road truggies and buggies, Short Course Trucks can handle more contact without spinning out or flipping over. If you are especially interested in racing, most local tracks have a 2WD Short Course class, but you should check with your local track to be sure.

Why buy the Team Associated SC10 over the Traxxas Slash

Whether you want to race at your local track or bash in the backyard, the SC10 is a great RC truck for beginners and experienced hobbyists wanting to join the Short Course action. The reason we like the SC10 and encourage others to buy it is it’s combination of durability and racing build. We have been racing our SC10 for a year now and its durability has been comparable to any Traxxas Slash we have seen. As for racing ability, the SC10 lighter and more agile than the Slash allowing for faster speed, better cornering, and more tuning options. I’m not saying you can’t be a race winner with a Slash (the local Traxxas pro kicks my ass!), but from my experience, the SC10 is the faster truck.

SC10 Bodies


chevy silverado

Chevy Silverado Body for the SC10

f you have put some laps on your SC10, then your SC10 body is probably looking a little “seasoned”. Whether the paint is chipping off, the body mounts are cracking, or its just plain dirty, you need a fresh lid, with fresh paint, and shiny decals.

Here are the upgrade bodies available for the SC10 that we like the most:

JConcepts Manta Body – SC10

We are a sucker for almost anything JConcepts makes for the SC10 and this body is no different. The styling is very slick with hood scoops in the front and 3 fans molded into the back. This body also has higher clearance above your tires to improve performance. JConcepts also makes two other bodies for the SC10 that will look great and give you that extra tire clearance that you need – JConcepts Truth Body and JConcepts Dare Body. All three of these bodies from JConcepts will make your SC10 look and perform better. Remember, these are clear bodies, so they must be cut and painted.

Pro-Line Ford F-150 SC10 Body

This body from Pro-Line, modeled after the Ford F-150, is the most realistic body available for the SC10. The pronounced fenders and Ford racing decals make this body a great option for style and performance. Pro-Line also makes a Chevy Silverado Body for the SC10 that looks bad-ass.

Associated Stock SC10 Body

Associated makes one of the best looking stock bodies of any Short Course Truck on the market. If you like the stock look and want to spend a little less cash, the Stock Body is a great option.

Associated Painted SC10 Bodies

Associated also offers painted bodies that come ready to mount on your SC10. There are 6 painted bodies that you can purchase that will give you a professional looking truck.

How to Remove and Replace (or Upgrade) your SC10 Steering Servo

How to Remove and Replace (or Upgrade) your SC10 Steering Servo

How to Remove the SC10 Steering Servo

Removing the steering servo from your SC10 is actually a fairly simple process. All you have to do is pull out the two hex screws from the bottom of your SC10 chassis, located directly below your steering servo. Then, pull the servo horn from the ball cup attached to the steering rack.

The servo horn can be removed by taking out the phillips head screw and pulling it off of the servo gear. Watch the video below (by and use your SC10 manual to see exactly how to remove your steering servo and to replace it with a new part.

Our SC10 Steering Servo Recommendations

Depending on your budget, here are two steering servos that we recommend that would make for a great replacement or upgrade for your SC10:


Watch the video below to learn how to remove and replace the SC10 steering servo…

Losi SCTE Parts/Hop-ups

LOSB7018 Wheel Set (2):TEN-SCTE
LOSB3436 40T Spur Gear, Mod 1: TEN-SCTE
LOSB2414 Body Posts: TEN-SCTE
LOSB2417 Rear Bumper Pack: TEN-SCTE
LOSB0127 TEN-SCTE 4WD Short Course Rolling Chassis
TLR8060 Hi Performance SCT Body: XXX-SCT, SCTE
LOSB2421 Front Bumper Pack: TEN-SCTE
LOSB0128 1/10 TEN-SCTE 4WD Short Course Truck RTR
LOSA3574 1.0 Module Pitch Pinion, 14T: 8E,SCTE
LOSB3578 Center Rear Drive Shaft: TEN-SCTE
TLR0901 TLR Tuning Kit: TEN-SCTE
LOSB3493 Aluminum Clamping Wheel Hex (2): TEN-SCTE
TLR6080 Hinge Pin Set, TiNitride (6): SCTE
TLR8061 Hi Performance PRE-CUT SCT Body: 22SCT, SCT, SCTE
LOSB2419 Sideguards: TEN-SCTE
TLR5063 Fr Shock Shaft, TiNitride (2): SCTE
TLR5064 R Shock Shaft, TiNitride (2): SCTE
LOSA3575 1.0 Module Pitch Pinion, 15T: 8E,SCTE
RPM73042 Front Bumper and Skid Plate, Black: Losi SCTE
LOSA3573 1.0 Module Pitch Pinion, 13T: 8E,SCTE
LOSB3574 Axle (2): TEN-SCTE
LOSA3576 1.0 Module Pitch Pinion,16T: 8E,SCTE
TLR4000 Tuned Flex Lightened Chassis: TEN-SCTE
LOSB2426 Rear Torque Rod, TLR Chassis: SCTE
LOSB2416 Batt Strap (2): TEN-SCTE
RPM73112 Rear Bumper: Losi Ten-SCTE
LOSB2909 Piston Pack (2), TEN-T/TEN-SCTE
LOSB8028 TEN-SCTE Body, Clear
LOSA3578 1.0 Module Pitch Pinion, 18T: 8E,SCTE
MIP12200 Pro4-Mance Chassis & Tuning Kit: Losi SCTE 4×4
LOSA3572 1.0 Module Pitch Pinion, 12T: 8E,SCTE
AKA23006 CYCLONE SC Wheel: Losi SCTE 4X4
TLR6081 King Pins, Titanium: SCTE
LOSB2415 Batt Tray w/Stop Tab, Foam Pad & Screws: TEN-SCTE
LOSB2359 Radio Tray w/Switch Cvr Blnk & Rx Cvr: TEN-SCTE
LOSA3577 1.0 Module Pitch Pinion, 17T: 8E,SCTE
RPM73262 Front A-Arms: Losi SCTE. Ten-T, 810
LOSB3495 Wheel Hex (4) w/Pins: TEN-SCTE
LOSB3494 Wheel Hex Adapter: XXX-SCT to TEN-SCTE
LOSB2418 Rear Mud Flap (2): XXX-SCT/TEN-SCTE
LOSB7024 Beadlock Rings w/Screws, Flor Ylw: SCT/SCB/SCTE(4)
RPM73142 Rear A-Arms: Losi SCTE. Ten-T, 810
RPM73082 Rear Skid Plate: Losi Ten SCTE, Ten-T & 810
LOSB2413 Motor Mount w/Adapter: TEN-SCTE
LOSB3592 Diff Standoff: TEN-SCTE
TLR4004 Servo Saver Tube, Hard Ano: SCTE
LOSA3571 1.0 Module Pitch Pinion, 11T: 8E,SCTE
LOSB2412 Top Brace: TEN-SCTE
LOSB2427 Motor Adapter: TEN-SCTE
LOSA3570 1.0 Module Pitch Pinion, 10T: 8E, SCTE
LOSB7020 Beadlock Rings w/Screws, Red: SCT/SCB/SCTE(4)
LOSB8044 TEN-SCTE Painted Body, #33 Stephensen Scheme
LOSB2411 Chassis: TEN-SCTE
JCO3352B Hazard Wheel, Black:Losi SCTE,SCTN,22SCT
LOSB7025 Beadlock Rings w/Screws,BlueChrome:SCT/SCB/SCTE(4)
TLR4003 Titan Screw Kit (148): TEN-SCTE
LOSB7019 Beadlock Rings w/Screws, Chrome: SCT/SCB/SCTE (4)
MIP12132 MIP Bypass1 Kit:Losi TEN-SCTE Truck,12mm Bore Size
LOSB2022 Rear Suspension Mount Cover: TEN-SCTE
AKA13002SRE ENDURO SC Soft Mnt Red Insert :LOSI SCTE
XTR10861 Aluminum Carbon Fiber Chassis Kit: Losi SCTE
XTR10859 Carbon Fiber Center Diff Support Mount,Black: SCTE
LOSB8215 Sticker Sheet: TEN-SCTE
LNS2515 Titanium Turnbuckle Kit: TEN-SCTE
AKA13003VRE GRIDIRON SC Super Soft Mnt Red Insert: LOSI SCTE
XTR10865 Carbon Fiber Battery Strap Kit: Losi SCTE
XTR10864 Carbon Fiber Long Top Plate (2.5mm): Losi SCTE
AKA13004VRE CITYBLOCK SC Super Soft Mnt Red Insert :LOSI SCTE
AKA13001VRE WISHBONE SC Super Soft Mnt Red Insert: LOSI SCTE
JCO2089 4mm Locking Wheel Nut, Blue: TRA, TLR22, SCTE
JCO2090 4mm Locking Wheel Nut, Black: TRA, TLR22, SCTE
AKA13002VRE ENDURO SC Super Soft Mnt Red Insert: LOSI SCTE
JCO3352Y Hazard Wheel, Yellow:Losi SCTE,SCTN,22SCT
AKA13008VRE REBAR SC Super Soft Mnt Red Insert: LOSI SCTE
JCO3352W Hazard Wheel, White:Losi SCTE,SCTN,22SCT
AKA13008SRE REBAR SC Soft Mnt Red Insert :LOSI SCTE
XTR10850ALO Aluminum Front Shock Tower, Orange: 810, TEN-SCTE
XTR10858 Carbon Fiber Transponder Mount, Black: SCTE
RCZLOS061M Screw Set (Metric): TEN-SCTE
XTR10850ALBK Aluminum Front Shock Tower, Black: 810, TEN-SCTE
XTR10863 Carbon Fiber Short Top Plate (2.5mm):Losi SCTE
XTR10851ALBK Aluminum Rear Shock Tower, Black: 810, TEN-SCTE
XTR10862 Carbon Fiber Battery Strap: Losi SCTE
XTR10851ALO Aluminum Rear Shock Tower, Orange: 810, TEN-SCTE

High Traction Setup

SC10 High Traction Setup and Tuning

SC10 Indoor High Traction Setup

Winter is around the corner and for many RC’ers that means indoor racing. Many indoor tracks are high traction and well maintained. If your SC10 is set up for a loose and bumpy outdoor track, there are a few tuning adjustments you can make that will improve the performance of your truck on high-bite surfaces.

The SC10 comes with tons of steering out of the box. If you race on a loose surface, you have given up much of this steering in favor of rear traction. When moving from a loose track to a high-traction track, you do not need as much rear traction. This allows you to tune your truck for more steering.

Here are a few tuning tips for adding more steering to your SC10:

  1. If you have added anti-squat, get rid of it!Anti-squat is a simple way to tune out steering and tune up rear traction. If you have added anti-squat to your SC10, remove it and you SC10 will steer better. Read Add Anti-Squat (Kick-up) to the SC10 for more info.
  2. Move your battery upMoving the battery is one of the easiest way to quickly tune your SC10. Moving the battery towards the front of the truck will increase steering and help keep the nose down in the air.
  3. Try a rear sway barA Rear Sway Bar will reduce “roll” on your SC10 while turning. The effect is less rear traction and more front steering. On a high traction track, this could be a big advantage.

    Associated makes a Rear Sway Bar Kit that is available at Mike’s.

  4. Install softer springs in the front, or harder springs in the rearGoing to softer springs in the front will give you more front steering and less rear traction. Adding harder springs in the back will have a similar effects. Experiment with both of these tuning adjustments to find which one works best for your track
  5. Change your tiresIf you are running off-road tires on your SC10, you will want to make a change. If you don’t want to buy new tires and wheels, try switching back to the stock tires that came with the SC10.
  6. Put black grease in your rear differentialIf you are running diff oil in your rear differential, think about going back to the stock black grease that came with your SC10. The black grease will promote more differential action which will help your truck make sharper turns.

    If you have a ball differential, try loosening it for more diff action.

Chris, emailed us with these additional tips for indoor racing:

  • Try the Slash front sway bar for additional stability.
  • If your ESC has a drag break feature, try turning it up. This will allow you to stay in the throttle longer when going into sharp turns. If you are having trouble spinning out going into turns then try turning the drag break down.
  • Lower your center of gravity by removing pre-load spacers from the shock bodies. This will give you more overall stability and an edge over higher center of gravity trucks like the slash.
  • Adjust your slipper clutch. When running on a loose track, you can keep the slipper very tight without risking damage to the drive train. On a high traction track, you will be placing much more stress on the drive train and a properly tuned slipper will reduce the risk of tranny gear failure.

MIP Associated Parts

These are the M.I.P. Parts available for Team Associated vehicles available at Mike’s Hobby

MIP C-CVD™ Kit, Associated GT2 FT Quick Release (2)
8129(Note: will not fit GT2 RTR)

MIP C-CVD™ Kit, Associated GT2 FT Quick Release (2)

MIP Hard Coated Aluminum Top Shaft, Associated B4, T4, SC10

MIP Hard Coated Aluminum Top Shaft, Associated B4, T4, SC10

MIP Super Diff Kit, Associated 18T, 18MT, 18B, 18R

MIP Super Diff Kit, Associated 18T, 18MT, 18B, 18R

MIP C-CVD™ Kit, Associated SC10

MIP C-CVD™ Kit, Associated SC10

MIP Ball Diff Kit, Associated SC10

MIP Ball Diff Kit, Associated SC10

MIP Super Diff Rebuild Kit, Associated 18T,MT,18B,18R

MIP Super Diff Rebuild Kit, Associated 18T,MT,18B,18R

MIP CVD™ Kit, Associated RC10
1007CLASSIC. You may order, if no inventory we will contact you about this limited item….

Result pages MIP CVD™ Kit, Associated RC10

MIP CVD™ Hardware, Associated

MIP CVD™ Hardware, Associated

MIP CVD™ Axle, Associated 3/16 RC10T2, GT, B2, B3, T3 (1)

MIP CVD™ Axle, Associated 3/16 RC10T2, GT, B2, B3, T3 (1)

MIP CVD™ Bones, Associated RC10, B2, B3 (2)
1161CLASSIC. You may order, if no inventory we will contact you about this limited item.

Result pages MIP CVD™ Bones, Associated RC10, B2, B3 (2)

MIP CVD™ Kit, Associated RC10T, GT Axle
1196CLASSIC. You may order, if no inventory we will contact you about this limited item….

Result pages MIP CVD™ Kit, Associated RC10T, GT Axle

MIP CVD™ Kit, Associated RC10 B2, B3
1198CLASSIC. You may order, if no inventory we will contact you about this limited item….


Result pages MIP CVD™ Kit, Associated RC10 B2, B3

MIP Drives Kit, Associated 18T, 18MT, 18B (2)

Result pages MIP Drives Kit, Associated 18T, 18MT, 18B (2)

MIP Drive Bone, Associated 18T, 18MT, 18B (1)

Result pages MIP Drive Bone, Associated 18T, 18MT, 18B (1)

MIP Drive Axle, Associated 18T, 18MT, 18B (1)

Result pages MIP Drive Axle, Associated 18T, 18MT, 18B (1)

MIP Drive Rebuild Kit, Associated 18T, 18MT, 18B

Drive Rebuild Kit, Associated 18T, 18MT, 18B

MIP Drive Kit, Associated, RC18R (fr/r)

Drive Kit, Associated, RC18R (fr/r)

MIP C-CVD™ Kit, Associated B4, B4RS-RTR, B4.1 RTR, B4.1 Worlds( 2)

C-CVD™ Kit, Associated B4, B4RS-RTR, B4.1 RTR, B4.1 Worlds( 2)

MIP C-CVD™ Bone, Associated B4, B4RS-RTR (1)

C-CVD™ Bone, Associated B4, B4RS-RTR (1)

MIP C-CVD™ Kit for Associated T4, T4RS-RTR, T4 Pro (2)

C-CVD™ Kit for Associated T4, T4RS-RTR, T4 Pro (2)

MIP C-CVD™ Bone, Associated T4, T4RTR (1)

C-CVD™ Bone, Associated T4, T4RTR (1)

MIP C-CVD™ Bone, Associated GT2, GT2 RTR (1)

C-CVD™ Bone, Associated GT2, GT2 RTR (1)

MIP C-CVD™ Axle, Associated T4, B4 (1)

C-CVD™ Axle, Associated T4, B4 (1)

MIP C-CVD™ Axle, Associated GT2 (1)

C-CVD™ Axle, Associated GT2 (1)

MIP CVD™ Kit, Associated RC10T2 3/16 inch axle
1082CLASSIC. You may order, if no inventory we will contact you about this limited item. …

CVD™ Kit, Associated RC10T2 3/16 inch axle

MIP C-CVD™ Axle, Associated SC10

C-CVD™ Axle, Associated SC10

MIP Ball Diff Rebuild Kit, Associated SC10, T4, B4

Ball Diff Rebuild Kit, Associated SC10, T4, B4

MIP Ball Diff Male Outdrive, Associated SC10

Ball Diff Male Outdrive, Associated SC10

MIP Ball Diff Female Outdrive, Associated SC10

MIP Ball Diff Female Outdrive, Associated SC10

MIP Ball Diff 52T Gear, Associated SC10, T4, B4

MIP Ball Diff 52T Gear, Associated SC10, T4, B4

MIP Ball Diff Screw, Associated SC10, T4, B4

MIP Ball Diff Screw, Associated SC10, T4, B4

HW-SPRING/ Ball Diff, Associated SC10 (1)

HW-SPRING/ Ball Diff, Associated SC10 (1)

MIP Ball Diff Thrust Washers, Associated SC10, T4, B4 (2pcs.)

MIP Ball Diff Thrust Washers, Associated SC10, T4, B4 (2pcs.)

MIP CVD™ Kit, Associated RC10T/GT with 1/4 inch axle
1008CLASSIC. You may order, if no inventory we will contact you about this limited item….

MIP CVD™ Kit, Associated RC10T/GT with 1/4 inch axle

MIP Clutch 4-N-1 Kit, Associated RC10GT

MIP Clutch 4-N-1 Kit, Associated RC10GT

MIP Drive Axle Shiny, Associated 18R (1)

MIP Drive Axle Shiny, Associated 18R (1)

MIP Drive Bone Shiny, Associated 18R (1)

Result pages MIP Drive Bone Shiny, Associated 18R (1)

HW-SPRING/ Clutch, Associated GT (2)

Result pages HW-SPRING/ Clutch, Associated GT (2)

MIP Bypass1™ Kit, Associated 2wd and 4wd 1/10th (.406) and Legend Style

MIP Bypass1™ Kit, Associated 2wd and 4wd 1/10th (.406) and Legend Style

MIP Bypass1™ Kit, Associated SC10 4×4 1/10th 13mm Bore Size

MIP Bypass1™ Kit, Associated SC10 4×4 1/10th 13mm Bore Size

MIP Bypass1™ Kit, Associated SC10 & T4 Trucks 1/10th (.406in) & Legend Style

MIP Bypass1™ Kit, Associated SC10 & T4 Trucks 1/10th (.406in) & Legend Style